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April 9, 2018

From curtains to cushions and linens to cottons, the-millshop-online is your one stop fabric shop

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bird print fabric

Image: the-millshop-online

the-millshop-online is a family run soft furnishings company based in Northamptonshire. They operate out of a large warehouse in the Midlands with a global reach via their online fabric shop, shipping fabrics around the world on a daily basis.

They predominantly offer curtain and upholstery fabrics from top designer houses and one off pieces from undiscovered mills across Britain and Europe. Their fabric ranges from heavyweight tapestries, velvets and chenille, to luxurious hand-woven 100% wools, to beautiful screen printed linens and cottons.

fabric cushions

Image: the-millshop-online

They offer exclusive pieces of fabric from selected designers, as well as design and development pieces that are not mass-produced, providing truly individual fabrics. Alongside this, they offer fabrics from top designers including Linwood fabrics, Harris Tweed, Clarke and Clarke, iLiv ,Fryetts & Prestigious Textiles.

the-millshop-online prides itself as being a genuine stockiest of fabric, meaning that they actually hold the rolls of fabric in stock. The fact that they stock the majority of the fabrics they offer allows them to offer outstanding prices and dispatch the fabrics the same day to customers.

floral fabric draped over copper arm chair

Image: the-millshop-online

In addition to stocking over 150,000 metres of fabric, they also work closely with a number of fabric houses that they regularly order fabrics in from, providing a wide range of fabric available to order.

At their premises, the-millshop-online has an end of line section that has an outstanding amount of fabric, with prices starting at £1 per metre. These fabrics can be from top designer fabric houses and are often discontinued fabrics. They include full rolls of fabric suitable for both curtain and upholstery, providing the opportunity to do any size fabric project with quality fabric for an incredible price.

floral fabric curtains

Image: the-millshop-online

Additionally, at their warehouse they have a large craft section including a plethora of craft fabrics, ribbons, buttons, quilting products and more.

Alongside their vast fabric range, they offer luxury handmade cushions, made from top designer fabrics or one off pieces and filled with duck feather cushion pads.

As a family run company, the-millshop-online has positive customer experience as a necessity and strives to provide the best customer service possible.

For more information contact [email protected] or call 01604 875 062.


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