Golden yellow 'Let's Stay Home' neon sign on the wall above a sideboard - neon lights -

7 neon lights for a Love Island aesthetic

When we’re not obsessing over the latest drama, you can bet that we’re drooling over the decor of the Love Island villa. With its vivid fluorescent lighting, the Mallorca retreat offers a contemporary take on classic whitewashed Mediterranean design.

Offering a chic way to showcase a sassy slogan, neon lights are all over the villa – and we’re obsessed. Here’s seven ready-made neon lights that are 100% our type on paper…

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Neon Heart Table Lamp Sign, £58,

A contemporary twist on the classic bedside lamp, this neon heart will fill your room with glowing pink light. It’s got a stable concrete base and is completely portable. Therefore you can easily move it downstairs for some delicate mood lighting when hosting guests.

Pink heart neon table lamp with a concrete stand on a pink background - Neon lights -

Image: Red Candy

Lil’ Let’s Stay Home LED Neon Light in Golden Yellow, £225,

Instead of arranging framed prints above your sofa, hang this homely slogan for a contemporary feature with a truly cosy message. This sign is also available in a bigger size, but in the golden yellow colourway it’s already so bright and bold that this mini version makes enough of an impact.

Golden yellow 'Let's Stay Home' neon sign on the wall above a sideboard - neon lights -

Image: Bag & Bones

Pink Disco Neon Acrylic Light Box, £118,

A glamorous addition to a shelving unit or side table, this neon light will bring a groovy 1980s essence to your abode. The vibrant hot pink neon writing is set in an acrylic casing with a mirrored back – so it’s sure to reflect fluorescent fuschia light into every corner of the room.

Pink 'Disco' neon light in an acrylic casing on a gold side table - neon lights -


Cuddles in the Kitchen Rainbow LED Neon Light, £355,

Despite its cute saying, the modern block script font and retro multicoloured design of this sign give it a kind of kitschy vibe. As neon signs go – it’s definitely a bright one, but in a relatively muted and spacious kitchen, it would make the ultimate vibrant focal point. We just love it!

Multicoloured 'Cuddles in the Kitchen' neon sign above a side table - neon lights -

Image: Bag & Bones

Mouth Neon Light Box, £185,

This eye-catching sign is retro in style, and would make a sultry and seductive statement in any home. The sort of raunchy piece you’d expect to see in a low-lit basement bar, we love the idea of hanging it above a well-stocked vintage drinks trolley in a cosy corner of a dining room.

Neon lightbox with an open mouth with tongue licking top lip - neon lights -

Image: Rockett St George

Love Neon Wall Light, £69.99,

This sweet light would make a romantic addition to any bedroom, and could also double up as an on-theme decorative feature for a wedding. With its handy hook holes in its acrylic frame, and generous 5m lead cable with rocker switch, it’s also super easy to manoeuvre and position.

Warm white 'Love' neon wall light on a white wall - neon lights -

Image: Lights4fun

Hello Gorgeous Decorative Neon Wall Art, £219.99,

We love that the spindly cursive font of this sign makes it feel like it’s been handwritten straight onto the wall. It’s available in pink, blue, green, red, or yellow, and comes with wall mounting hardware for easy fixing to your chosen wall. A welcoming statement, we reckon it’s the perfect hallway piece.

'Hello Gorgeous' cursive neon light on a wall with a sofa and desk in it - neon lights -

Image: Wayfair

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