wood and glass garden pod on green grass with daffodils

Summerhouses: a buyer’s guide

May 22, 2022

Over the last two years our gardens more than ever have become an extension of our homes. As a result, there has been a huge boom in summerhouses, garden pods and other outdoor spaces. Here’s our guide to what you can gain from a summer house, and some of our favourite luxe buys on the market right now…

What is a summerhouse?

A summerhouse is a type of outdoor shelter usually built from wood and sometimes inspired by a specific holiday design like a Scandinavian cabin. The outdoor space can offer somewhere shady for people to relax and appreciate the sunnier weather while being able to stay out of its direct line.  

How much does summerhouses cost?

There’s no set price for a summerhouse since they can come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. On average in the UK it is estimated that you can expect to pay £8,000, however, the range can be anything from £3,000-£25,000.

What can summerhouses be used for?

Sometimes people use a summerhouse as an alternative to a conservatory and as a little garden getaway to enjoy a hobby in peace. Over the last year, while everyone has been staying local to home there have been more elaborate examples of people thinking outside the box when it comes to how these shelters can serve them. Some people have gone all out creating their own pub while others opted for a Hawaiian themed resort or a jacuzzi spa. The purpose of a summer house is really whatever you want to make of it. 

Our top picks

1. Shiplap style

Sometimes basic is best. You can’t go wrong by choosing a classic aesthetic when it comes to summerhouses. This quaint 8×8 pentagon house is ideal for setting up a quiet seating area where you can relax in the garden. The B&Q Shire Hampton 8×8 house (£2,090, B&Q) includes two open windows to ensure the house is properly ventilated with fresh air during the summertime. The shiplap style is also great for sporting bolder colours if you want to get creative, and the wood is sourced responsibly from forest friendly timber, which always gets our vote. 

small wooden summerhouse with a pentagon roof and shiplap exterior 

Photo: B&Q

2. Garden pod

Offering up rare 360° panoramic views of your garden, this Summerhouse garden pod is an innovative take on your standard summerhouse. Made from fully waterproof materials, the sliding door and windows are specially designed to keep the space tightly sealed, so you can even sit outside regardless of the weather. The stainless steel roof works to reduce heat by reflecting it away and ensuring that the pod remains at an ideal temperature, even on really hot days. This unique setup includes a dining table and two sofas so you can comfortably sit up to 10 guests. Alternatively, it could just be your own little haven or your new work from home office.

small glass garden pod surrounded by a floral bed

Photo: Lime Lace

3. Innovative design

The Renson Camargue from Garden House Design (from £13,500) is a very stylish option that takes summerhouse living to the next level. Their portfolio is personalised to each client’s specific requirements, but the one thing that always remains consistent is the use of their innovative powder-coated aluminium bladed roof system. The blades are adjustable for both sun protection and ventilation and they offer a watertight seal to keep the space dry too. You can opt for an enclosed canopy with extra elements like glass sliding doors or you can just have the overhead shade. The scope for adding personalised touches is vast through accessories, lighting and even an outdoor kitchen if you so desire. 

Sleek louvered canopy made from powder-coated aluminium with a hot tub inside

Photo: Garden House Design

4. Forest garden

This stylish little Forest garden outhouse (£10,299, Cuckooland) is a versatile bit of extra space that is ideal for a studio, home office, gym, workshop or a social area. This energy-efficient structure is great for keeping costs down and it’s functional in all weather thanks to the EPDM black rubber roof and double glazed windows. It comes in a variety of sizes and the interior is primed so you can paint it to your style taste. There is also a 7 points multi-lock feature so you don’t have to worry about security whenever you’re ready to return back to the main house.

Stylish garden building in light wood and black glass doors and windows

Photo: Cuckooland

5. Premium garden room

Mercia’s garden room (£1,699.99, Robert Dyas) is both a stylish and practical option. The 12×8 unit is split into two sections, with one side housing a storage area and the other a spacious layout illuminated by ceiling to floor glass panels and doors too. Built from 12mm shiplap cladding, you can guarantee it’ll be a sturdy addition to your garden, and you can even assemble it yourself with one other person.  

 Light wood garden structure with double-glass doors and panels on one size and a shed section too

Photo: Robert Dyas