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How to make your home smell like a 5-star hotel

August 6, 2019

Want the sweet, stylish smell of a boutique hotel every day of the week? Our pick of the best scents for home will whisk you away without even leaving the house…

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wicker chair hotel luxury lamp plants unsplash

Image by Taylor Simpson 

One of the joys of life is trying to recreate the hotel experience at home. We’ve all enjoyed a stay somewhere swish and found ourselves ordering 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and statement chairs when we’ve returned home. But the finest hotels smell amazing too, and you can recreate those heady aromas at home with the best in lamps and diffusers….

Fabulous fragrance lamps

African Queen fragrance lamp with box

The very best fragrance lamps don’t just smell beautiful, they look great too. Even better, they’re also catalytic lamps that actively kill fumes from cooking, pets and smoke while destroying bacteria – perfect for keeping healthy when flu abounds.

The Ashleigh & Burwood London African Queen combines drop-dead good looks – channelling a black and amber leopard aesthetic – with the ability to disinfect the air. Pair it with Moroccan Spice fragrance to give your boudoir – or kitchen, we won’t judge – an exotic, oriental feel.

For a look and smell that’s modern and universal, opt for The Pearl gift set, a handcrafted fragrance lamp that won’t look out of place in the bedroom or lounge, imbuing the air with a fresh scent combining elements of frangipani and citrus.

Why aroma diffusers make scents

Orange zest and bergamot roof diffuser with refills2.jpg

The quiet heroes of turning your place into an olfactory delight, aroma diffusers range in price from budget to extravagant and can transform your space quickly into a hotel-from-home. You can opt for heady aromas that will give you an invigorating lift, such as Paddywax Apothecary Orange Zest & Bergamot. The hint of orange blossom is cut through by the Bergamot, while the bottle itself has a vintage look that is adorable.

Smells like Spells aroma diffuser with decorative reeds.jpg

Taking its cue from perfume – and mythology – Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Freya is dominated by ambergris, offset by jasmine and rose. The diffusers are a cut above the standard reeds too, and you can control the amount of fragrance released into the air by adding or removing them.

CULTI club

CULTI room candle in Esperide scent.jpg

The epitome of Italian style, the sought-after CULTI brand combines Milanese fashion with sensational fragrances to elevate your home into a place redolent of timeless piazza and palazzo.

CULTI Candle Esperide will give you 40 hours of burn, during which it will evoke grapefruit, cassis and cedarwood, perfect for Spring and Summer. Achieving that true 5-star feel doesn’t end with your wide open spaces, however.

Ensure your clothes emerge from storage with a heavenly bouquet by using a wardrove air freshener. The CULTI Home Mareminerale will imbue your attire with a clean and fresh feel that’s the key for the harmony of a hip hotel.

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