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6 of the best hot tubs

July 7, 2023

Once seen as a luxury garden accessory, the launch of inflatable hot tubs has made them much cheaper. So how much does a hot tub cost? That depends on the type you go for. There are three main types of hot tubs: inflatable, hard shell and wood-fired. The average cost goes up as you move from inflatable to hard shell, while the cost of a wood-fired hot tub sits somewhere in the middle. Check out Good Homes’ pick of the best…

Inflatable hot tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are the cheapest on the market. Portable and easy to set up, inflatable models are generally circular and are best stored away during winter since they are not built to last forever. With a bit of care and maintenance, however, they can last for years, meaning they offer good value if you’re looking for something that you can easily pack away at the end of summer. Expect to spend around £300.

1. Lay-Z-Spa Vegas

This inflatable hot tub by Lay-Z-Spa fits four people comfortably, or six at a squeeze. It measures 196cm in diameter, heats up to 40°C, features a Lay-Z-Massage Jet System and is easy to set up. It comes with a pool liner, heater (220-240 V), filter and pool cover. Lay-Z-Spa also offers a two-year warranty. Buy the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas for £449.95 from Amazon.

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2. CleverSpa Onyx

The CleverSpa Onyx 4-person hot tub is the perfect solution if you’re on the market for a sleek, minimal 4-person model. Originally £350 but reduced to £250it’s one of the cheapest hot tubs out there. The CleverSpa Onyx offers 110 air jets to sooth and relax and the 365 FreezeGuard means you can use it all-year round. Buy the CleverSpa 4-person hot tub from B&Q.

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CleverSpa Onyx

3. Intex from Aldi

The best-selling four-person Intex inflatable hot tub is back for summer 2023. Priced at a very reasonable £495, the 795-litre capacity octagon-shaped model is equipped with 135 air jets to help soothe and relax. It also has a user-friendly control panel and comes with two headrests, two filter cartridges, filter pump, hard water system, limescale protection, thermal ground cloth, lockable cover and a three-year warranty.

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Aldi inflatable hot tub, octagon shaped, black

Intex hot tub

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Hard-shell hot tubs

Hard shell models are generally more expensive than inflatable versions. Built of more durable materials, they are designed to be a more permanent feature of your garden. They also tend to have more powerful jets and better features, for which you’ll need a certified electrical supply. Running costs will vary depending on the size and capacity, so always be sure to look for energy efficient models. Expect to spend upwards of £4,000. If you’re hunting for a bargain, companies like hotspringworld.co.uk and canadianspacompany.co.uk offer pre-loved and ex-display hot tubs.

4. Ivy Beach

Immerse yourself in luxury with the Ivy Beach 5-person hot tub from Blue Whale Spa. This model provides the best in power, luxury and functionality with five comfy seats (three seats and two loungers) and a multi-pump system with 41 powerful adjustable jets for a better massage experience. Active jet patterns are designed to work vital muscle groups of the body, legs, back, and feet. Buy the Ivy Beach 5 person hot tub, priced £6,499, from Blue Whale Spa.

hard shell five person garden spa on decking with a living wall

Ivy Beach from Blue Whale Spa

5. Canadian Spa Company Erie SE

Bargain hunters will need to move fast when shopping ex-display and pre-loved spas. This Canadian Spa ex-display Erie SE 6-person hot tub stands at £10,2999. It still comes with a two-year warranty and offers a no-float lounger, powerful adjustable hydrotherapy jets, a built-in aromatherapy system, two slow-rise waterproof Bluetooth speakers, a filtration system and ozone generator to keep your water crystal clear, plus multi-coloured LED lighting. You can also shop Canadian Spa Company products via Argos and B&Q.

6-person ex-display hot tub in a large garden canadian spa company

Canadian Spa Company

Wood-fired hot tubs

Wood-fired models are more sustainable since they’re not made from plastic. Plus, they’re cheaper to run as they don’t require electricity. Some models do come with bubble jets, but if you’re after powerful hydrotherapy massage jets, this probably isn’t the option for you. Wood-fired hot tubs are becoming popular in Europe. In the UK alone, Swedish company Skargards received over 300% more orders in 2021 compared to 2019. Some models will have an external external stove and chimney, which you’ll need to accommodate next to it, while others have everything neatly integrated into the tub itself.

6. Skargards Panel

Skargards Panel 4-6 person is its classic wooden model. It has the distinctive aura of traditional wooden hot tubs with a modern touch. The ergonomic seating ensures superior comfort, and it also comes with Thermowood cladding, a powerful direct-heating stove and ergonomic fibreglass tub. You can also add bubble jets and lights for an additional charge. Starting from £2,990 at skargards.com.

wooden hot tub in magical garden oasis



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