Panettone with icing sugar - Credit: Jennifer Pallian

Buyer’s guide to luxury Christmas panettones

November 8, 2019

From the classic candied fruit variety to more adventurous and unusual flavourings, we get the ‘dough-down’ on the best of these luxury Christmas treats.

Panettone with icing sugar - Credit: Jennifer Pallian

Image: Jennifer Pallian

What is panettone?

Panettone is a rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit, and butter and typically eaten at Christmas.

The word derives from the Italian word “panetto”, a small loaf cake and dates back to the Roman Empire, when ancient Romans sweetened a type of leavened cake with honey.

Here are our top 12 picks of the most luxurious panettones for 2019 – perfect for the 12 days of Christmas.

Golden panettone by Sal De Riso, £200, Sacla’

Golden Panettone Italian Christmas Cake 1kg by Sal De Riso: Credit: Sacla'

Image: Sacla’

The panettone is prepared over 60 hours using a 60-year-old mother yeast and the finest ingredients, including two varieties of Venezuelan 72% chocolate. Both are well known for their rich, dark flavours and notes of almonds and coffee. This treasure comes on its own presentation plate, safe and secure in a golden gift box so that it’s at its very best when it reaches you.

Muzzi panettone with pear and chocolate, £22.50, Sous Chef

 Muzzi Pear Chocolate Panettone - Credit: Sous Chef

Image: Sous Chef

Just look at this beautiful panettone! The Muzzi pear and chocolate chip panettone is studded with candied pear and chocolate chips – it really is something special. Tear off a hunk for a tasty Italian breakfast, or enjoy with a glass of sweet dessert wine. The unique design makes this panettone a brilliant gift for a loved one too – and it’s already wrapped (in a stunning on-trend print might we add!)

Panetonne Allo Spritz, £19.95, Carluccio’s

 Panettone Allo Spritz - Credit: Carluccios

Image: Carluccio’s

Italian restaurant Carluccio’s has launched a new panettone like no other, piped with an inebriating Spritz filling and covered with a thick, dark chocolate topping. The dough is soft and moist with a surprising filling of orange and Italian bitters.Pair with Prosecco, an Aperol Spritz or a Cappuccino for breakfast on Christmas day!

Borgo De Medici gin panettone, £17.99, Lakeland

Gin Drunken Panettone - Credit: Lakeland

Image: Lakeland

Whether you’re a fan of gin or a lover of cake, this gorgeous Gin Drunken panettone from Borgo de Medici ticks all the boxes for a tipsy festive treat.

Presented in a beautifully gift-wrapped box, it would make a lovely gift for any foodie. Best served in slices with a cup of coffee… or a G&T!

Why not try serving with posh ice cream for a grown-up dessert, or create a fabulously boozy bread-and-butter pudding.

Mindful Bites vegan panettone gift box, £10.19, Ocado

mini veganettone gift box three pack - Credit: Ocado

Image: Ocado

Made with alternatives to eggs and butter and without palm-oil, this year vegans can have their cake and eat it too with 3 miniature classic, mixed berry and chocolate plant-based panettones.

The colourful, beautifully designed box makes the perfect gift for any fit foodie in your life. A must for the festive season, get in the Christmas spirit with hand-made Italian Veganettone, available online at Ocado.


Monaco cheese panettone by De Vivo, £30, Sacla’

De Vivo Monaco Cheese Panettone - Credit: Sacla'

Image: Sacla’

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Don’t have a sweet tooth? Fear not! This savoury panettone is made using piquant Provolone del Monaco DOP cheese from the Amalfi Coast.

Try it toasted for Christmas breakfast or brunch. It’s sensational for sandwiches and an amazing addition to a Boxing Day spread, served with cold cuts and salad. Available to pre-order from Sacla’ now.

Praline panettone, £39.95, Fortnum & Mason

Praline Panettone - Credit: Fortnum & Mason

Image: Fortnum and Mason

Love a certain chocolate-hazelnut spread? Then you’ll love this Praline panettone from Fortnum and Mason. Light and fluffy, this decadent delicacy is proved for over 48 hours with a sourdough base, then studded with chocolate pieces and gianduja paste folded through. Perfect Christmas family feasting and sharing (if you can prize yourself away from it.)

Apricot panettone by De Vivo, £30, Sacla’

De Vivo Apricot Panettone 1kg unboxed - Credit: Sacla'

Image: Sacla’

This buttery, delicate cake is packed full of apricots grown in the fertile soil on Mount Vesuvius and ripened under the hot summer sun.

We love it toasted, and spread with extra butter. It’s delicious with the almond fragrance of a small glass of amaretto. Just snuggle down and share.

Vergani Pistachio Panettone, £21.95, Harvey Nichols

Pistachio Panettone - Credit: Harvey Nichols

Image: Harvey Nichols

Forget chestnuts roasting on an open fire, this year’s festive nut of choice is the pistachio. Vergani’s exquisite Pistachio Panettone is filled with gooey pistachio cream, covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed pistachios. Perfect anytime of the day, this is a wonderfully modern take on the classic candyfloss-light, brioche-style Milanese cake.

Tear big hunks off this panettone and enjoy alongside coffee, hot chocolate, nutty dessert wine or a Demi-Sec Champagne on Christmas morning.

Purchase exclusively from Harvey Nichols with a salted caramel variety also available!

Fiasconaro x Dolce Gabbana Marron Glace Gianduja Panettone - Credit: Sous Chef

Image: Sous Chef

The limited edition Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana marron glace panettone is a decadent and gorgeous Christmas treat. The airy, golden panettone is packed sweet marron glace chestnuts, with bands of gianduja cream. Each panettone is presented in a hatbox-style tin adorned with Dolce & Gabbana’s vibrant designs.

Domenico Dolce is originally from Polizzi Generosa in Palermo, Sicily, so the designer jumped at the chance to celebrate his home country with bespoke designs for Fiasconaro!

Panettone con Crema al Balsamico, £21.95, Harvey Nichols

Panettone con Crema al Balsamico - Credit: Harvey Nichols

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! This sweet, featherlight, melt-in-the-mouth Christmas bread is filled with Gocce’s incredible sticky balsamic glaze, creating a certified flavour sensation. Sweet, tangy, intensely aromatic and perfectly balanced, this will be the hot new trend this Christmas period, you mark our words. Serve it with coffee or a gin and tonic; dip it into strawberry jam or olive oil with a pinch of sea salt. However you choose to enjoy it, we guarantee this culinary revelation will amaze your guests.

Exclusive to Harvey Nichols, the Gocce Italiane brand is at the very forefront of Modena’s balsamic scene.

Amaretti Virginia Pandoro, £21.99, Selfridges

Amaretti Virginia Pandoro - Credit: Selfridges

Image: Selfridges

We’ve saved this one until last, because strictly speaking it isn’t a Panettone! If you’re repulsed by raisins, or can’t stand candied fruit, this one’s for you. Amaretti Virginia’s Pandoro is a star-shaped Italian sweet cake moulded like highest peaks in the Italian Alps. Available exclusively at Selfridges. Buy online here.


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