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Choose handcrafted furniture from Wesley Barrell

March 20, 2018

Revamp your home with stunning handmade interiors 

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Image: Wesley Barrell

Handmade, and all that the word suggests, is often too easily overused, but, for Wesley Barrell, it is the business’s guiding principle.  In an age when the latest technology leads the way for mass-production, Wesley Barrell remains dedicated to high-quality products that are made with integrity, that look great and are built to last.

For over 120 years Wesley Barrell have grown a business dedicated to the continuation of traditional upholstery skills, and from its workshop in the heart of the UK, the company continues to create sofas and armchairs that epitomise the very best of British furniture making.

teal sofa in living room with brick wall

Image: Wesley Barrell

As makers of handcrafted furniture, Wesley Barrell does not hold stock of pre-assembled frames; each and every sofa is built to order to each customer’s own specifications. It’s this invitation to be involved in every step of the process that Wesley Barrell customers hold dear, and the company’s showroom consultants have all spent time in the workshops to ensure that they understand the way that the furniture is made, and how best to guide customers through both the product ranges and the production processes.

Wesley Barrell remains committed to its belief in high-quality products of British provenance that are built with integrity.  Whether it is one of the company’s showrooms, or the levels of expertise available in the workshop, Wesley Barrell remains passionate about people, maintaining skills, and about its responsibilities as an ethical employer.

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Image: Wesley Barrell

There is not one single stage in the production of genuinely handmade furniture that Wesley Barrell does not remain wholly committed to.  Whether it’s the frame, the springs, the padding, the upholstery, the choice of fabric, or the tailing options, Wesley Barrell furniture represents attention-to-detail at every single step in the process.  It is not a one-time thing either, in many cases a piece of furniture has been returned to the workshop decades after a piece was first made to be renovated and restored using exactly the same levels of craftsmanship that were used to build it in the first place.

Today, Wesley Barrell is proud of its reputation and continues to strive to be at the forefront of British furniture design and making.

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Image: Wesley Barrell



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