7 outdoor lighting ideas to try

May 22, 2021

Upgrade your outdoor space with the best planting ideas for this summer, handpicked by the Good Homes team

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Image: Lights4fun

As we look forward to a summer spent catching up with family and friends, our garden is high on the list of priorities for a glow up. Extend your gatherings into the evening by adding stylish lighting to the mix

ProConnect 10 (5m) warm white connectable festoon lights, £49.99, Lights4fun

Image: Lights4fun

Create a dazzling dining set up with these hanging festoon lights, which can be rearranged as you wish for different occasions.

Dandelion solar stake light, from £27.95, Sparkle Lighting

Image: Sparkle Lighting

Add a bit of excitement to your front garden with this stunning stake light.

Flower solar pendant lights, £49 each, Ella James

Image: Ella James

Bring bold lighting to your trees with these unique pendant lights, perfect for hanging off branches or even your parasol.

Howick wall light, £100, Garden Trading

Image: Garden Trading

Made from raw copper, this hanging light is perfect to be fitted onto sheds and summerhouses.

Cosiscoop timber fire lantern, £149.99, Amazon

Image: Amazon

Choose a natural glow for your garden with this stunning fire lantern, which will keep you warm and give you light as you sit out late into the evening.

Solar multi-coloured cube light, £55, Next Home

Image: Next

Handy to be placed on decking or near outdoor seating areas, these cubes double up as side tables.

LED wall light in brushed stainless steel, £26.49, Screwfix

Image: Screwfix

Easy to fix onto walls, this powerful LED light will keep your garden lit up for as long as you need.

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