6 ways to create a statement bedroom

June 10, 2021

If light blues and relaxing hues aren’t your cup of tea, then how about embracing a bolder style for your boudoir?

Vintage-style floral wallpaper in an orange and pink colour scheme - Statement bedroom -

Image: Unsplash

With the average person spending a third of their life in their bedroom, serene shades are a common choice for promoting positivity and relaxation. However, if creating a statement instead of a sanctuary is more your vibe, then don’t be afraid to go down a bolder path.

To help you curate the ultimate statement bedroom, we asked some industry experts for their guidance on making your interiors more impactful.

1. Select a statement headboard

Bedroom featuring a bed with a headboard upholstered in a soft blue fabric - Statement bedroom -

Image: Loaf

Whether you opt for sophisticated leather, or vintage-style upholstery, headboards make an impactful addition to any bedroom. We love the combo of vibrant mustard with a rich fabric like velvet for a statement centrepiece that’s opulent yet affordable.

Founder of Andrew Martin, Martin Waller, says: “Headboards are an inexpensive way of transforming a bedroom. They are essentially alternative forms of artwork. With the rise of the boutique hotel and its trending look in residential design, the headboard has become a brilliant focal point in bedroom decor.”

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2. Carefully consider your carpet

Carpet with a plaid pattern in a neutral colour scheme - Statement bedrooms -

Image: Carpetright

Headboard seem like an unnecessary purchase? Then make an essential element – like the carpet – a key feature of your statement bedroom. By choosing a bold and patterned carpet, you’ll be able to establish an impactful style for your bedroom without having to do much else.

Clearly, creating an art deco atmosphere with a patterned carpet isn’t for everybody. To keep a cosy feel that still feels luxe, Residential Marketing Manager of Brintons, Lisa Conway, says: “Where an alternative flooring like wood or tiles might make a room feel stark and bare, a soft woven wool carpet, layered with accessories in cashmere, mohair and linen will all work to soften the overall look.”

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3. Go with a punchy colour palette

Modern bedroom with pink and red walls, a bed with pink bedding, and red accessories - Statement bedrooms -

Image: Dulux

For those with a relatively plain carpet, getting creative with your colour scheme is crucial for curating your statement bedroom. Therefore, steer clear of anything too cool-toned or neutral. Instead, play with expressive hues like pinks and reds for a look that’s individualistic and upbeat.

If you’re after a more moody look, then opting for darker tones is fine – but just accessorise with warm-toned accents like gold or copper lamps for some added glow. Andrew Martin adds: “Don’t be afraid of dark and rich colours, like coffee or dark grey or even orange, for a braver burst of colour. These hues bring intimacy and depth whilst also allowing you to show personality and flair”.

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4. Show off your storage

Neutral bedroom with a large modular shelving unit featuring drawers, and hanging clothes - Statement bedrooms -

Image: String Furniture

Rather than opting for bright colours and patterns, use your storage to create a statement by opting for some simplistic yet unique shelving solutions. Ditch the under-the-bed boxes in favour of making your possessions part of the decor with modular shelving.

All about making storage adaptable and appealing, multifunctional furniture is great for adding a bespoke element to your space. Co-owner of String Furniture, Peter Erlandsson, adds: “String shelves are modular, so are ideal for any room size or type – be that bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, home offices and even wardrobes”.

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5. Embrace bold bedding

A rustic bedroom setting with an antique bed and headboard, and checked bedding in muted pink and peach tones - Statement bedrooms -

Image: Antipodream

The ultimate way to accessorise any room, choosing statement bedding can make just the right impact. An easy way to transform your bedroom, with the right patterns and colours you can create the perfect focal piece.

“While an artwork style of bedding certainly makes a statement, the end result depends completely on how you choose to style. Whether you elevate the look or choose to keep it simple, statement prints can suit any space”, adds Jo Ross, General Manager of Design at Sheridan.

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6. Choose luxurious lighting

A bedroom with a neutral colour scheme, antique-style cream bed, and large iron vintage chandelier with hanging glass droplets - Statement bedrooms -

Image: The French Bedroom Co

In a relatively plain room, a big chandelier can make enough of a beautiful yet dramatic statement. Super versatile, great lighting brings luxury and warmth to any room, and is crucial for creating the desired ambience for your bedroom.

Chandeliers make a worthwhile impact in any sized room – as long as you get the proportions right. Founder of Renaissance London, Owen Pacey, adds: “It’s all about the design and size of the chandelier that you choose. Keep chandelier designs in proportion to the area. In smaller rooms, you can create a real impact by using an oversized chandelier, or perhaps a flush-style ceiling lamp where ceilings are lower.”

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