Modern maximalism: Golden wallpaper adds a bold touch

If you’re looking to add some modern maximalism to your home, the latest wallpaper range from Avalana Design could fit the bill.

Modern maximalism has been a strong theme this season, and is all about adding bolder colours and show-stopping patterns to home decor.

A duo of golden metallic wallpapers from designer Avalana Simpson of Avalana Design is ideal for this trend. Both of the floral designs started out as a sketch, and are then painted before being printed on to luxury gold wallcoverings that reflect light throughout the day.

Going for gold

Blooms Of Midas Metallic Gold Wallpaper features oversized blooms in jewel tones of fushia pink, amber and plum against a textured, metallic backdrop.

Avalana Design Blooms Of Midas Metallic Gold Wallpaper
Image credit: Avalana Design

Waterlily Sunset Metallic Gold Wallpaper, meanwhile, pairs oversized lily pads in watercolour detail with blush lily flowers. Both golden wallpapers cost £395 per roll.

As well as the duo of gold wallpaper, the company has added four new designs to its range.

Birds of a feather

Goldfinches Aubergine Wallpaper has these gorgeous birds flitting between the swaying mulberry branches and berries. The colour palette is perfect for autumn and winter.

Avalana Design Goldfinches Aubergine Wallpaper
Image credit: Avalana Design

If you prefer a more tropical feel, opt for Sariska Jungle, with its moody jungle foliage design, available in copper and olive colourways. The former features copper and bronze leaves against a night sky backdrop of navy and noir. The latter is a sophisticated palette of earthy greens, bringing nature into your home.

Avalana Design Sariska Jungle wallpaper
Image credit: Avalana Design

Nature inside

Bridgewater Fern Spring Wallpaper offers a botanical structure of ferns in green hues, creating a fresh and calming feel.

Finally, Wild Grasses Wallpaper brings some vintage glamour. The grasses stand tall in a symmetrical repeat design, and are shadowed for the wallpaper’s backdrop. Wild Grasses is available in crimson and gold colourways.

Avalana Design Wild Grasses Crimson wallpaper
Image credit: Avalana Design

All four wallpapers are available now, priced £249 per roll.