Hottest bedroom trends for 2024

This year, the mood is all about slow living. Bedroom trends for 2024 are about hunkering down and embracing wellness and self care to a new level. Quiet luxury is another term springing up and home comfort is growing. Turning your bedroom into a space that feels like a hotel is something that we’ll be seeing a lot of. Think high-thread-count linens, soothing scents, and plush, tactile textiles. In 2024, quality is fundamental.

Creative freedom is also key: bring a nod of romanticism to your room, or add a reading nook in a corner as a space to retreat to. There’ll also be a touch of fun to bedroom trends for 2024, with ruffled details, pastel shades and quirky celestial accessories. And if you really want to be bold, there’s a whole 1970s revival to tap into.

Reading nooks

It’s Cosycore for 2024, and reading nooks are going to be big. It doesn’t matter if your bedroom is small, just pick a corner and zone it off with a small rug. Then add a comfy chair to sink into, think Loaf or Snug’s range of overstuffed loveseats or a single armchair. Put up bookshelves on the wall or use a side table and stack a couple of books on it. Have a soft throw or blanket to hand to wrap up in.

If you’re looking for a neat, enclosed place to keep your books, Loaf’s bobbin side table is compact and stylish, or if you want to display your books, there’s a Pinterest trend for Ikea’s Mosslanda picture ledges, which make a great children’s library-style reading nook.

An overstuffed love seat is  the perfect choice for a reading nook
Image credit: Loaf

Hand-block printed fabrics

When it comes to cosy and inviting, sumptuous soft furnishings play an important role. With texture, depth and colour, fabrics should feel luxurious. Hand-block printed fabrics will feature highly in 2024, and Molly Mahon has a great range, like this Poppy block-printed linen. Each piece is designed in Sussex and hand-block printed in Rajasthan in 100% linen, with a cloth weight of 328 gsm. Clashing prints are also in, so try layering variations of pattern in your headboard, curtains, bedlinen and wallpaper.

Hand-blocked prints lend themselves to using eco-conscious and sustainable fabrics, and luxurious linens, both of which we’ll be seeing more of in 2024. The Indian Block Printing Company make lovely kits where you can hand-block print your own cushions.

Block print fabrics will be a trends across all soft furnishings in 2024
Image credit: Molly Mahon

Pastel shades

With trends such as quiet luxury filtering into our interiors this year, neutrals are still featuring highly to help us unwind and relax in our homes, and see them as a space of sanctuary. However, with Pantone announcing its colour of the year 2024 as Peach Fuzz, Valspar announcing theirs was a glacial sea green and Dulux being on the button with a gentle pink called Sweet Embrace, it’s fair to say there’s been a big shift towards pastel shades.

Think more of a mid-tone pastel like a sea foam green or delicate blue to replicate nature and give as soothing a feel as possible. Pastels are easy to bring into your home, be it on the walls or in your soft furnishings and fittings. Try Danish designer Helle Mardahl, billed as the “queen of pastels”, for delicious, softly hued table lamps that look like sweets. Pastel shades in the bedroom are the perfect way to lift your mood.

Pastels are a subtle shift on the Scandi neutral trend of 2023
Image credit: Furniture and Choice

Pared back bedlinen

If you’re fed up of flinging multiple cushions and pillows and throws off the bed to get in at night, then this one’s for you. Pared back bedlinen and styling is in. Instead of buying lots of pieces, invest in high-quality linens that are sustainably made. Neutral colours work well for fuss-free bedlinen, to create an inviting cocoon you won’t want to get out of.

Try Cultiver for serious luxury, where you can build your own bedding set, Piglet in Bed for the softest 100% flax linens that are pre-washed for extra comfort, or The Secret Linen Store for crisp, white 600-thread count Egyptian cotton.

Ditch the cushions and opt for pared back beds
Image credit: Chalk Pink Linen Company

Celestial chic

When it comes to nurturing slow living and wellness, nature is at the heart of it. Colour trends are still firmly focussed on blues and greens in bedroom trends for 2024. Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year is Blue Nova, which they say is “inspired by the brilliance of a new star formed in space”.

For this year, think celestial chic. Stars, moons and the night sky will adorn everything from graphic art prints to embroidered, embellished cushions. Matilda Goad has chic starburst candle holders and a sweet pair of star backplates for your wardrobe handles.

Celestial chic is a big hit for 2024
Image credit: Rockett St. George


The romantic era was popular in England in the late 18th-century and was characterised by an emphasis on emotional expression, imagination and creative freedom. In Romanticism, there’s a focus and celebration of the natural world, and a touch of the whimsical.

Oka’s latest bedroom collections are a great re-imagining of this period. Try their mango-wood lamp bases with hand-painted shades, folk-style embroidered throws and sturdy oak four poster beds that can be draped with linens for a ethereal feel.

Think statement decor for the bedroom trends of 2024
Image credit: Oka


Another easy way to add whimsy to your bedroom decor is with ruffles, which you’ll see the shops packed full of this year, often in a gingham or stripe print. Anthropologie has a gorgeous collection of bold striped scatter cushions by Colours of Arley, that also tie in nicely to the pastel theme.

French Bedroom collection have launched a gorgeous Candy Cane collection by Sukun x Atelier Raff (pictured), which has a vibrant pop of red in its pleated borders. The linen itself is crafted and woven in Pakistan and made with 400-thread count, 100% fine cotton (it’s part of the eco-friendly Better Cotton Initiative) in a sateen weave and has a buttery soft feel.

Ruffles are an easy to way to add interest to your bedroom this year
Image credit: French Bedroom

1970s revival

A 1970s revival is one of the hottest bedroom trends for 2024. It’s pegged heavily to the strong resurgence we’re seeing in second-hand furniture shopping, and a turning towards interiors being more personal and mis-matched, mixing vintage with modern. The 1970s heralded a sense of freedom and optimism, which was seen in homes in the form of retro low furniture, rattan, and plenty of macrame.

Wallpaper is seeing a comeback in 2024 across the board, but if you want to give it a 70s’ twist, think bold geometric prints and retro colours, like ochre yellows, burnt oranges and blues with subtle grey tones, like the Lust wallpaper pictured. When it comes to fabrics, velvets in earthy tones are super popular and tactile.

A 70s revival brings fun to your bedroom decor this year
Image credit: Lust Home

Statement headboards

As hotel-style bedrooms become more popular in 2024, statement headboards are in. Interior designer Kit Kemp is the queen of a statement headboard, and is a great place to look for inspiration for elegant prints, shapes and colours.

If you’re short on space and a large upholstered bed is not an option, you could create your own statement headboard that sits flush to the wall. Try adding panelling to the wall behind a very simple bed, paint it white and hang incredible wallpaper within it.

Natascha Maksimovic (Nat Maks) creates the most beautiful wallpaper (pictured) in her studio in Margate, using the ancient traditional Japanese Art of Suminagashi, meaning ‘floating ink’. The results are beautiful marbled artworks that will be a show-stopper in your home.

Try a bespoke headboard for a wow factor in your bedroom
Image credit: Nat Maks