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5 grey bedroom ideas for decor inspiration

July 5, 2021

A colour with soothing and sophisticated connotations, grey tones are used a lot in bedrooms. Fabulous when used with rich fabrics and textures, we love this luxurious hue. But ensuring you style it well is crucial for ensuring a vibe that’s sumptuous and moody – rather than sulky and morose.

To ensure your boudoir feels decadent rather than dingy, here’s five grey bedroom ideas to help you harness this handsome colour:

Incorporate patterns and panelling

Exposed brickwork or wood panelling are great options for bringing different textural elements to your grey walls. But if this isn’t in the budget, then there are lots of 3D wallpaper options that are a much more affordable way to achieve pretty much the same aesthetic result. Mimicking natural textures like wooden panels, these kinds of wallpapers will give your bedroom an abundance of character.

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Image: I Love Wallpaper

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Add metallic accents

Bringing a crucial bit of glow, gold, copper, or silver accents are well worth considering in a predominantly grey room. For light grey colour schemes, we love the idea of including subtle hints of silver in the wallpaper or curtains. But if you’ve gone for a really dark and moody hue, then gold or copper accent pieces will bring in some much-needed warmth.

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Image: DaAl’s

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Combine it with another colour

Pairing cool grey with a more playful colour is a guaranteed way to bring warmth into your grey bedroom. For a sophisticated yet soft look, pair light grey with elegant blush pink accents and features. But if you’re after a super on-trend look, then incorporate a sunny and bright yellow hue into your grey colour scheme.

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Image: The French Bedroom Co

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Consider fitted storage options

Especially in smaller rooms, you can’t afford for your storage to not work with your colour scheme. A customisable and compact solution, fitted storage helps to get around this. Go for classic wardrobes for a more traditional style, or an open-faced modular option for a cool and contemporary look.

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Image: Nest

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Try grey shutters

After the luxe look, but not sure about committing to wholly grey walls? Consider opting for a lighter shade of paint, and pairing it with dark slate blinds. A versatile solution, opt for shutter-style blinds for a contemporary look, or black-out options in a plush velvet fabric to stay fully chic.

Grey roller blinds in a bedroom - Grey bedroom -

Image: Swift Direct Blinds

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