5 fabulous bedrooms for Taylor Swift fans

Are you one of the millions of people worldwide enjoying Taylor Swift’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department? Or perhaps your daughter or son is a certified Swiftie, and would love nothing more than a room makeover to channel their favourite singer?

After all, Taylor is a global megastar whose fans turn to her for inspiration for everything from interior décor and clothing, to who to vote for and which football team to support.

Taylor Swift
Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi

As a measure of her popularity, Tay Tay has amassed 41 million new Instagram followers since January 2023, boosting her follower number to 283 million.

Whether it’s a Blank Space or needs a bit more Style, it won’t be a Cruel Summer for Swifties with their very own Taylor-inspired bedroom. Rex Isap, sleep expert and CEO at Happy Beds, shares his tips on crafting the perfect bedroom, influenced by Taylor’s iconic albums and eras to promote relaxation and enhance sleep quality.

The ‘Lover’ era 

Happy Beds - Taylor Swift - Romantic
Image Credit: Happy Beds

If you’re looking for a warm, cosy setting, this romantic retreat is the ideal choice. With its array of pinks and purples, you’ll have a room to fall in love with.

Soft pastels, dreamy textures and fairy lights, mean this bedroom exudes romance.

As Rex explains, “Big, bright lights affect our circadian rhythm by inhibiting melatonin production, also known as your ‘sleep hormone’. Fairy lights are less stimulating than bright lights, helping to promote relaxation and sleepiness.

“Brighter lights can have an inhibiting effect on your sleep. In the morning, you could still opt for the bright lights as they will help with the production of cortisol, which keeps you alert during the day.” 

The ‘Evermore’ era

Happy Beds - Taylor Swift - Country
Image Credit: Happy Beds

If you’re fond of the outdoors, country vibe, this is the perfect room, with more muted colours and the rustic feel of autumn.

“Bringing nature indoors creates a calm sanctuary that allows us to unwind, bringing down our cortisol levels (our ‘stress’ hormone) which is the opposite of what we need when attempting to sleep,” says Rex.

““Wood decor in particular is extremely accessible and affordable, available in most home stores. But, wood also has an extremely positive impact on sleep and studies have found that it can increase comfort levels and even reduce insomnia. The smell of wood also has sleep-inducing effects. So, to start small, you could incorporate the smell of cedarwood oil into your room, with diffusers or pillow mist sprays.”

If you’re unable to change your furniture for wooden items, you could easily add a few autumn-themed blankets – go for knitted and really fluffy. If you want to go further on this look, add some fluffy pillows to match your blankets and some beautiful plants to set a calming scene.

The ‘Reputation’ era 

Happy Beds - Taylor Swift - Gothic
Image Credit: Happy Beds

If you like dark, gothic colours and a more nighttime feel, this is a great design.

Add warm, dark red/purple lighting, opt for dark furniture, and soft, luxurious textures like silk.

“It’s recommended that you switch to red light at night as it helps with the production of melatonin. You can then switch to brighter colours in the daytime but darker colours can help you fall into a more restful slumber,” Rex advises.

“Opting for a room with wooden furniture offers you the chance to go darker with your colour scheme if you are nervous about painting your walls.”

He adds, “Luxurious and soft textures help stimulate the feeling of touch, which can also help lull you to sleep. Silk sheets, in particular, help you sleep as they allow your skin to breathe.”

The ‘1989’ era

Happy Beds - Taylor Swift - City
Image Credit: Happy Beds

This room captures the essence of a busy city with clean lines, modern aesthetics and a ‘1989’ vibe with soft blues and warm cream tones.

“Blues tones will help you sleep, with blue often tipped as the best colour for a bedroom due to its association with peace and relaxation. The clean lines and lack of clutter can promote feelings of restfulness, with clutter said to disrupt sleep and increase feelings of anxiety,” Rex explains.

The ‘Midnights’ era

Happy Beds - Taylor Swift - Stars
Image Credit: Happy Beds

Stars, dimmed lighting and the comfiest, calming blue bed to sleep in – Swifties will love this design.

“The soft, warm lighting can help promote relaxation and restfulness, which is essential for a better night’s sleep,” notes Rex.

“Blue tones are also often associated with calm and relaxation, with the colour strongly associated with relaxation due to its ability to make us think of nature and the sky. This type of room is ideal for both morning and night, with warmer lights for the evening to help you sleep, and switching to brighter white lights in the morning to help you wake up.”