The top 5 bathroom trends for 2024

As we enter a new year, many of us will be considering interior design projects to breathe new life into our homes. These five bathroom trends are the hottest for 2024, according to interiors experts. And even if you weren’t planning a bathroom upgrade this year, you may well reconsider that once you see these gorgeous ideas.

Sophie Schofield, head of design at Ribble Valley Bathrooms, believes that bathrooms are quickly becoming one of the most design-led rooms in our homes.

“As we head further into 2024 we are going to see people becoming even more creative and playful with the use of this space – pushing design boundaries and using the bathroom to create a wow factor in the home,” she adds.

According to Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs, bathroom trends 2024 will see firm favourites remain in place, including greens and neutrals.

“We’re seeing subtle shifts in trends, rather than an out and out revolution,” he adds.  

Here are our five favourite trends for bathrooms in 2024.

Pastel shades

Pastel shades will be big in bathrooms this year. When used well, muted pinks, greens, greys and blues inject a sense of calmness and cohesion to a design scheme, ideal for relaxing in the bath or giving you a calm start to the day.

Trends forecaster Louise Darlymple, who worked with Ribble Valley Bathrooms to create a bathroom design future report, says: “Pink may have peaked thanks to Barbiecore but pastels are here to stay – albeit muted. This trend is designed to encourage a sense of calm and comfort. Carefully chosen colour palettes combined with ambient lighting, tactile materials and bespoke fittings keep this aesthetic feeling innovative and fresh.”

Sophie reiterates the use of muted pastel shades to avoid creating a sickly sweet space.

“Soft curves in pops of pastel are juxtaposed against rawer, more industrial inspired concrete tones. This trend is about giving pastels a bit more of an edge – think about how you can take something soft and create a contrast,” she says. “We are also seeing a greater desire for greater personalisation in this space – and this trend really plays into that. Bespoke coloured bathroom suites and finishes, pops of neon lighting and custom hard wear all work well within this muted modernity theme.”

Ribble Valley Bathrooms pastel shades in bathroom
Image credit: Ribble Valley Bathrooms

Earthy tones

According to Louise, Earth Movement is a contemporary twist on our growing leaning towards the earth tones and hues that were a defining factor of the 1970s.

“This isn’t about re-creating a retro look and feel – it’s using this warming and soothing colour palette in a modern way to create something quite modern and design forward,” she explains.

Using earth tones in bathrooms can lead to a really spectacular space, according to Sophie. 1970’s hues like rust, marigold, burnt sienna brown, terracotta and turmeric will all be popular in 2024. 

“These colours are warm and inviting, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere and offering an element of balance. They also provide a connection with the natural world that is playing such a key role in all aspects of interior design,” Sophie says.

If you don’t want to do a complete bathroom overhaul, you can always opt to use muted versions of these shades via accessories like a rug, throw or towels.

Ribble Valley Bathrooms Earth Movement terracotta bathroom
Image credit: Ribble Valley Bathrooms

Add texture

2024 will see a ramping-up and layering of texture in the bathroom.

BC Designs’ Barrie Cutchie says texture can turn a sterile, functional bathroom into a vibrant, welcoming space.

“One of our favourite ways to bring texture is through fluted finishes,” he adds. “We’re seeing this on glass – windows and shower screens – but also on sanitaryware, furniture and baths. It raises the profile on flat surfaces and creates a ripple effect and when paired with coloured ceramics, can create a striking focal point.”

Smaller details like plants, books, fluffy towels and ceramic accessories also make an ideal addition to bathrooms where there are a lot of smooth and hard surfaces to contrast.

BC Designs textured bath
Image credit: BC Designs

Go green 

Green will continue to be a big bathroom trend in 2024, according to Cutchie. The many variations of green tones and hues, from rich jewelled emerald green to the soothing calm of sage, all evoke a different emotion and feeling, depending on the look you’re after.

“For those who dare to be brave, coloured ceramics are the perfect way to inject green into the bathroom,” he says. “By far the most popular colour that BC Designs offers, Khaki green is an earthy rich green that brings a vibrancy without being overpowering.”

BC Designs green bathroom
Image credit: BC Designs

Neutral palette

When it comes to the psychology of neutral colours, they’re regarded as dependable and conservative. But neutrals can help to create a truly chic, modern bathroom: think warm honey and beige tones for anything from tiles to paint and ceramics.

Cutchie says, “A successful bathroom colour palette will have layers of different tones to help it not feel one-dimensional but not overly busy either. Choosing a neutral colour scheme will provide a timeless appeal to a bathroom.”

BC Designs neutral bathoom colours
Image credit: BC Designs