Apollo freestanding bath tub in bathroom

The secrets of Iso-Enamel baths

August 15, 2019

For years, free standing bath buyers could only choose between cast iron and acrylic. Are Albion Bath Co’s Iso-Enamel baths a game changer?

Apollo freestanding bath tub in bathroom

Soaking in a deep free standing bath is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The stresses and worries of the day wash away, while you add a dash of true style to your bathroom to boot. But for years bathers have been limited in what they could buy, with existing bath types beset by drawbacks…

On the one hand, there is acrylic. Affordable and with decent heat-retention, they are nevertheless relatively flimsy, can feel cheap and scratch easily – not really a high end option. On the other, there’s the traditional cast iron bath, which can be stunning but are renowned for rapid heat loss – you’ll be topping up the hot water constantly. They’re also incredibly heavy and can require floor reinforcement and structural work when installing one. Luckily, there’s now a third way…

Using a patented and secret method, Albion Bath Co. have invented the Iso-Enamel bath. Using a mixture of special resins and mineral powders, these baths are the best of both worlds. They’re long on style, tougher than acrylic and less likely to chip than cast iron. Not only that, the new materials used insulate the bath, keeping water warm for longer, while an Albion free standing bath weighs just 1/3 of similar sized cast iron options – no expensive support needed.

Short free standing baths for snug soaking

The Tubby Tub freestanding bath in two different colours

It’s one thing not needing to reinforce your house to have a luxurious bath, but do you have the space? Enter the Tubby Tub, a short but deep bath custom designed for small bathrooms – and bedrooms too if you really want that boutique hotel feel at home. A statement piece, they might not be long, but the depth means most people of an average size will be able to submerge themselves in the bubbles.

Baths for long-legged luxury

Gem Feet 2

It doesn’t matter whether you’re short, tall, or somewhere in the middle, there’s a bath for you. The modern processes used means that many of Albion’s baths are available in a variety of sizes – so you can choose one that fits your body or fits your space. The Imperium Plinth, for example, ranges from 167-220cm in length, the latter perfect for sharing, bathing the kids or just relaxing in solitary splendour…

Roll top or bull nose? That is the question…

The Santorini free standing bath in white

Another benefit of the Iso-Enamel baths – aside from the marked difference in how they feel and perform – is a flexibility of look. You can opt for the traditional roll top style, or instead go for the bull nose, which has a smoother transition from interior to exterior. The finish on the material also means that most of the range consists of paintable free standing baths – decide between Farrow & Ball or Dulux colours of your choice – or go for a burnished finish on others. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sitting pretty in a unique, comfortable and undoubtedly deluxe bath…