Written by Jennifer Turner

On-trend cool curves for modern bathrooms

New bathroom technology combines style with practicality


Want a sleek, curvaceous bathroom look? A new process delivers a rounded style that is smooth and highly desirable. Curves are in…

freestanding black bath in front of circular window

Image: Duravit

Soothing circles

If you want to make your bathroom a sanctuary of rest and relaxation, then it’s time to adopt one of the latest bathroom trends – one we think is here to stay. Curved bathroom furniture does away with harsh edges and injects a soft, soothing element that aids in creating the perfect kind of chilled-out vibe.

It can start with round mirrors, lights and LED’s, but also extend to the furniture itself, from the bath to the sink and vanity unit. These rounded edges make the room feel more fluid, indulgent and soft.

floating vanity unit with mirror on green painted wall

Image: Duravit

The curves you deserve

One of the best ways to make the most of a statement curved bath is to have it complement the other curves found in the bathroom. Duravit’s new c-shape Happy D.2 Plus series introduces a complete range that lets you have a cohesive, relaxed look.

Using patent-pending c-shaped technology and c-bonding, this is bathroom furniture that combines furniture and washbasin in a perfectly parallel curve. That means there’s no recess or overhang between the ceramic basin and the furniture. Nothing protrudes, nothing disturbs the rounded edge for a truly sophisticated finish.

curved bathroom sink in white from above

Image: Duravit


This new Duravit range is made from DuraCeram®, meaning it’s durable, robust and easy to clean, while the c-shaped process opens up a new design aesthetic for your bathroom. Accompany it with a freestanding bath, practical but gorgeous cabinets with that same curve, and cutting-edge circular mirrors with heating and lighting options.

Vanity units can be wall-mounted, with different finishes including an anti-fingerprint coating on the Graphite Super Matt option. Alternatively, consider a classic floor-standing console with integral towel rail and the ability to adjust the height to fit your space. Designed by sieger design, this is a fresh look that will transform your bathroom, deliver high performance and allow you to relax in the way you deserve, with all the rough edges smoothed out. Discover more here.

modern bathroom with bath vanity unit and clear windows

Image: Duravit