Written by Jennifer Turner

Self checking in the shower

A new campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month aims to remind women that the shower is the perfect place to check the health of their breasts.


A black framed shower enclosure with pink ribbon sticker

Image: Merlyn Showering

Most women know that the best chance of having a positive outcome from breast cancer is early discovery. That’s why a routine self-check is so vital to detect any warning signs in good time. A new campaign from MERLYN Showering and the Pink Ribbon Foundation intends to make checking breasts a routine part of every day.

Shower power

October 2019 is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there’s no better time to drive home the key message that self-care can vastly improve outcomes. Alarmingly, a NORSTAT survey carried out in May this year found that while 87% of women know that the shower is one of the very best places to check their breasts for lumps, an equally huge 75% said they routinely forgot to do so.

Just a reminder campaign hashtag logo

Image: Merlyn Showering


This is why MERLYN Showering have teamed up with the Pink Ribbon Foundation to remind women of the importance of breast cancer checks as part of their daily ablutions. The campaign, called #justareminder, will see the shower enclosure company add laser-cut pink ribbon stickers to their enclosures to provide a visual cue to women.

Learning how to check for breast cancer can lead to an earlier diagnosis, which hugely increases the chances of surviving.

Logo for the Pink Ribbon Foundation

Image: Merlyn Showering

A daily check

Of course, people have busy lives and may be juggling a thousand things when it comes to shower time. That’s why this discreet reminder can be so important in helping to form a habit that could potentially save your life.

GP Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders, who is a spokesperson for the campaign, says that, “Reminding women to check their breasts regularly makes total sense. Early detection saves lives and the smallest change or abnormality needs to be investigated.” Talking about the MERLYN pink ribbon sticker, she adds, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this simple daily reminder helped to build a life-saving habit?”

Headshot of Dr Catherine Millington Sanders

Image: Merlyn Showering

Everyday wellness

Most of us feel better after a shower, but as these figures show, you can also improve your long-term health by putting wellness at the core of your daily rinse. To find out more about MERLYN Showering and their partnership with the Pink Ribbon Foundation, visit www.merlynshowering.com.

MERLYN won’t just be providing stickers on enclosures; they’ll also be actively fundraising and will be providing point of sale information to reinforce the #justareminder message.

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Image: Merlyn Showering