Written by Jennifer Turner

Get a designer bathroom on a budget

A new range marries entry level pricing with sophisticated design


Finding a bathroom range that delivers modern design and high quality at a price that won’t leave you gasping is a rare find. This new range may just be the evidence such a suite does exist…

detail of white bathroom sink with soap, toothbrushes and towel

Image: Duravit

A timeless bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, it’s hard to find premium quality and sophisticated design at an attractive and affordable price. D-Neo has been developed by Duravit to plug that gap.

The range has been created to outlast short-lived trends and is the perfect accompaniment to any lifestyle, in all its facets. D-Neo is the first bathroom range by Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly and is testament to his extraordinary instinct for interior design.

floating bathroom vanity unit below circular mirror

Image: Duravit

Sleek style for any size

The components hold their own in rooms of any size and layout, whether you have lots of space to play with or have only a compact area to refresh. Their sleek forms create the space into which individual style can unfold, with design elements that represent much more than functionality.

The versatility of D-Neo is demonstrated by the wide range of wash basins: from furniture and built-in variants to hand rinse basins and above-counter basins. The asymmetric solutions combined with matching vanity units are eye catching and practical. And, with added storage space to cut down on clutter.

aerial view of white bathroom sink and reflection in mirror

Image: Duravit

All toilets come with the Duravit Rimless® technology and can be ordered with an antibacterial HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze, achieving perfect flushing with just 4.5 litres of water. The series also offers a matching bidet.

bathroom with blue-painted and tiled walls, sink unit and small toilet

Image: Duravit

Bold and beautiful baths

A further highlight is the freestanding DuraSolid® bathtub with its velvety look and feel and a style that melds perfectly with the oval above-counter basins. At just 1600 mm in length, it also perfectly showcases smaller bathrooms.

white freestanding bath in modern bathroom

Image: Duravit

Built-in bathtubs made from sanitary acrylic with one sloping backrest are available in five sizes ranging from 1500 x 750 to 1800 x 800 mm. The 1800 x 800 mm version can also be ordered with two backrests for those who want to share bathtime.

Plus, the built-in bathtubs also come in a whirl version for that extra special feel good factor. Six flat water-air nozzles arranged in the side walls create a beneficial massage effect. A true touch of luxury that emulates a day at a spa.

modern bathroom with freestanding bath, floating units and circular mirror

Image: Duravit


Fabulous finishing touches

Available in various widths and numerous design options, the D-Neo furniture perfectly complements any bathroom. Three new wood-look décors complete the selection of D-Neo furniture finishes, bringing the total to 13.

large bathroom with twin sinks, raised bathing area and plants

Image: Duravit

A harmonious overall picture is produced when combined with the ergonomic handle in a diamond-black finish; this mirrors the curve of the console panels and washbasins. The indirect light provided by the matching circular mirrors from the Light + Mirror range creates a pleasant, relaxing ambience.

floating bathroom vanity unit with twin sinks

Image: Duravit

Understated yet expressive, the taps stand out thanks to their straight-lined, geometric shape. The characteristically narrow, vertically positioned handle is standard throughout the entire range.

Thanks to the selection of D-Neo ceramic elements, the high-quality furniture, wide range of bathtub options, and matching faucet range, it’s possible to customise any bathroom in top quality and for an attractive price. Discover the entire range with a visit to Duravit.