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How to choose the perfect bathroom mirror

Whether you’re brushing your teeth at night or getting ready in the morning, the right mirror will transform your bathroom experience. Find some of the best buys here…

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Image: David Giles

You’ll spend a fair amount of time in front of your bathroom mirror, so choosing the right one for the space is key. It will make your bathroom a more useable space, can help it look bigger and brighter, and be a design statement all in one.

Here’s what you need to think about, and some of our favourite buys.


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Image: Scavolini 

Size is key for all of the above factors. Too small and you’ll not be able to get ready properly and for an already small space such as a bathroom a large mirror can really help it appear bigger.

Within reason, go as large as the space can take. You could even look to commission a bespoke mirror to be fitted in your scheme.

Of course, larger mirror tends to be more expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment.


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Image: Made

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s a growing trend to avoid square and rectangular mirrors for smooth curves of circles and oblongs. Many of the elements that make up a bathroom, especially wall tiles, tend to be very straight-lined, so the use of curves help to break up these lines.

Round mirrors offer a very focussed area on the face which is perfect for the bathroom, but an oblong shape can be placed horizontally where two bathroom basins are present, or vertically to offer a to-waist view of yourself over the basin.

Buy the Huldra wall-mounted mirror from Made 


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Image: IKEA

Storage is always key for the bathroom, and from built-in furniture to wall-mounted storage and basin vanities, there’s a way to squeeze in a good amount into a well-designed scheme. The mirror is an area to explore, and while medicine cabinet styles have largely fallen out of fashion for being bulky on the walls, in a classic scheme, they still work well.

Alternatively, look for mirror with shelves either at the base, or hidden around the back, for a sleeker storage style.

Buy the Hemnes storage mirror from IKEA

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Image: Ladoga mirror from B&Q

The key to making the most of your mirror is lighting. You can’t rely solely on natural light – especially with darker mornings heading our way, so a mirror should always be supporting with good lighting. This could be wall lighting mounted on either side, or could be built into the mirror itself.

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A cosy lighting scheme is hard to achieve in a bathroom, so choose an illuminated mirror that can brightly light your face, but offer an ambient light for the rest of the space.

Buy the Ladoga mirror from B&Q 


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Image: Victoria Plum

We all know the frustration of fogged up mirrors, but modern designs can incorporate touch-control demisters that prevent it from happening, or quickly get rid of mirror fog. These tend to be available in limited styles, however, demisters can be fitted to custom and bespoke mirrors too.

Buy the Mode Mayne demising mirror from Victoria Plum 


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