How to choose the perfect bathroom mirror

People spend a fair amount of time in front of bathroom mirrors, so choosing the right one for the space is key. They can make your bathroom a more useable space, help it look bigger and brighter and be a design statement all in one – some can even provide useful storage. Good Homes considers how to choose the perfect bathroom mirror, whether you’re looking for size, style, storage options or smart tech…

Mirror size

Size is key when it comes to bathroom mirrors. As well as not being able to see much if it’s too small, a large bathroom mirror can make a small space look bigger. A common feature in hotel bathrooms is for the mirror to stretch from wall-to-wall above the sink – like a feature wall in itself. This will really bounce the light around the room and make it feel larger and airier. It’s worth investing in a bespoke mirror to fit the space.

scavolini bathroom with large mirror

The Qi bathroom collection by Nendo x Scavolini

Storage mirrors

Bathroom storage should always be an important consideration when planning your scheme, and from built-in furniture to wall-mounted storage and basin vanities, there are plenty of ways to squeeze in extra nooks and shelves. The mirror is an oft-overlooked storage opportunity. A bathroom mirror cabinet (like the Hemnes storage mirror from IKEA, £150, below) is great for tidying away bathroom clutter, but can be too bulky for smaller schemes, where it might be better to look for mirrors with shelves at the base or hidden around the back.

ikea storage mirror in a white bathroom -

IKEA Hemnes storage mirror, £150

Bathroom mirrors with lighting

The key to making the most of your mirror is lighting. You can’t rely solely on natural light, especially in small en suites or windowless bathrooms. Mirrors with lighting not only help with make up application, they can also provide more ambient lighting for an evening soak. Tech fans might even opt for bathroom mirrors with smart lighting. The MADE LED Mirror from Crosswater, pictured below, can change colour to suit your mood with a warm orange light to unwind before bed.

A pebble shaped mirror will feel calming in your bathroom

The Mada LED mirror from £375

Demisting mirrors

We all know the frustration of fogged up mirrors, but modern designs can incorporate touch-control demisters (like the Mode Mayne demising mirror, £215, from Victoria Plum, below) that either prevent the mist from forming, or quickly disperse it. These tend to be available in limited styles, but demisters can be fitted to custom and bespoke mirrors too.

demisting mirror in a modern bathroom -

Mode Mayne demising mirror, £215, from Victoria Plum

Statement mirrors

They come in all shapes and sizes, but round bathroom mirrors are becoming increasingly popular. Many of the elements that make up a bathroom, especially wall tiles, tend to be very straight-lined, so the use of curves help to break up these lines. Round mirrors (like the Mollie brushed brass mirror from Bathroom Mountain below) offer a very focussed area on the face, but two oblong mirrors above the basins on a double vanity unit look great.

A brushed brash mirror adds a chic touch

The Mollie brushed brass round bathroom mirror from £69.99