Written by Paisley Tedder

5 small bathroom ideas to try

The small bathroom ideas you need to give the most important room of your house a touch of elegant creativity.

Renovating a smaller bathroom can always seem like a challenge. Not only is there less room to work with, but it can also limit your design. However, with good planning and the right design, a smaller bathroom can be an opportunity to be more creative. We share five small bathroom ideas to help you make the most of your space…

Use of tiles

The colours, sizes and shape of tiles in a bathroom can make magic happen in a smaller bathroom or en-suite. “Being clever with shapes – using hexagonal tiles or mosaic adds interest without overwhelming a small space,” explains Kamila Chalfin, brand manager at Tile Giant.

“For a more traditional decor, opt for rectangular tiles and use them to create your own shapes on the wall, or make stripes by combining two colours. Applying vertically adds depth to the room and gives the illusion of higher ceilings. Laying horizontally, you can optically ‘stretch’ the room out and create the feel of a wider space.” she continues.

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White tiled bathroom with black toilet and dark basin, goodhomesmagazine.com

Photo: Tile Giant

Flooring focus

A smaller bathroom also gives you the opportunity to be more exciting with your floor choices. While in a larger space, anything too gaudy can become a bit much, a smaller bathroom means you can experiment and add character through flooring. A patterned design is also thought to make the room feel bigger, and pairs beautifully with white or pastel walls.

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Small bathroom ideas, patterned flooring in small en-suite space, goodhomesmagazine.com

Photo: Tile Giant

Storage solutions

One small bathroom idea that can make or break your design is investing in plenty of storage space. While you might not have room on the floor for full size floor to ceiling cabinets, you can always work upwards. Corner shelving units in bath and shower are great for this, and utilising space above the toilet or sink to use as cupboard space can work well, too. Not only does this provide you with places to store your bath products, toilet rolls and toothbrushes, but it also adds height and extra character to your room.

Brown panel tile wall with black storage unit in small bathrooms

Photo: Nest

Work upwards

As mentioned, storage can be one of the biggest issues with smaller bathroom, but working upwards removes this issue. We love this stunning space saver single ended bath with its stunning built-in storage. It’s an elegant feature of the bathroom, and gives the impression that the room is wider than it actually is as it’s built in to the wall.

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Small bathroom with freestanding bath and grey tiles with bamboo shelves

Photo: UK Bathrooms

Unleash your creative spirit

A smaller bathroom also gives us a chance to be creative. Just like with flooring, you can do something drastic and vibrant in a smaller bathroom than a larger space. We love this colourful, illustrative wallpaper, complemented by sunshine yellow fixtures and fittings. It breathes life into the en-suite, and is wonderfully quirky in its approach. If four walls of patterned wallpaper are too much for you, even adding one wall of vibrant wallpaper with the rest of the space tiled or a single colour can make a creative difference. There are plenty of ideas on Instagram if you’re looking for inspiration, too.

Photo: C.P Hart, Paul Craig