Written by Chanelle Moult

How wood-effect tiles can transform your home

Why wood-effect tiles are one of the hottest flooring trends right now

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Wood-effect tiles are the tile choice du jour, and it’s easy to understand why. They’re attractive, adaptable and low maintenance. Thanks to their increasing popularity, wood effect tiles are now available in an ever-growing variety of colours, sizes and finishes, giving you lots of scope to find something that suits your style. With a relatively low price point, wood effect tiles are an affordable way to bring the outdoors indoors and add gorgeous character to your home. 

The benefits of wood-effect tiles versus natural wood

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High-quality porcelain wood-effect tiles are indistinguishable from the real thing, imitating the textures and imperfections of natural wood. But why choose the former over the latter?

  1. Unlike natural timber, wood-effect tiles don’t require treating and are more durable overall.
  2. As a natural material, timber is prone to fading or darkening over time. On the other hand, wood effect tiles retain their texture and colour, and look beautiful for longer.
  3. Wood effect tiles are waterproof and resistant to warping – perfect when there are spills in the kitchen or for moisture-prone bathrooms.
  4. It is easier to get true cool tones and neutral colours with wood-effect tiles than with natural timber, as wood-effect tiles have a white porcelain base.
  5. Broken tiles are more easily replaced than worn or damaged floorboards.

Creating a characterful home with wood-effect tiles

One of the main advantages of wood-effect tiles is that they offer endless versatility. Whatever your tastes or personal style, there are ways to make wood-effect tiles blend harmoniously with all home décor.
We’ve put together some ideas to inspire you if you’re thinking of using wood-effect tiles for your floors or walls…

Capture rustic charm with distressed wood-effect tiles
The growing trend for ‘reclaimed’ or distressed wood-effect tiles is perfect for introducing rustic charm to your living space. One of the biggest tiling trends of the year is floor-to-ceiling tiling, which gives a room a co-ordinated, seamless look. Opting for wood effect on your walls and floors is the ideal way of capturing that snug country retreat vibe.

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Peerless parquet floor tiles for interior geometry
If you want to evoke the glamour of a period home with original features, consider a patterned formation. Block patterns are an endlessly classic look that never dates and are perennially a popular choice for parquet flooring.

Chevron and herringbone tile formations are also an enduringly popular choice in parquet tiling. With the resurgence of geometric designs in many modern interiors, these patterns have been enjoying a huge renaissance. You can also use chevrons to ride the wave of the ‘boho’ rural Americana look.

A log burner in a room with chevron floor tiles

Brilliant broken-plan tiling
Broken-plan living is a trending twist to open-plan living. It helps to make the most of your space as you designate different areas within one room using mixing and matching tiles. Use broken-plan tiling in conjoined spaces such as open-plan living rooms or kitchen-diners.

Wood-effect floor and wall tiles are effortlessly stylish and easy to maintain – find a place for them in your home.