Written by Paisley Tedder

8 of the best Christmas wreaths for 2021

Christmas is fast-approaching. With less than six weeks to go until the big day, everyone is planning decorations and getting shopping sorted as soon as possible. While lighting and tree ornaments are important elements of the season, Christmas wreaths are what everyone wants to get right. Not only are they often the first sign of the festivities to greet guests as they visit, but they’re also a huge part of Instagram, with over 150k posts already using the hashtag!

Want an insta-worthy Christmas wreath without the hassle of DIY? Allow Good Homes to guide you through the best shop-bought offerings on the market now.

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1. Pine cone party

Combining nature’s bounty with elegant champagne colour and plenty of glitter, this is a wreath that will wow! Clearly designed to be the star of the show, this will leave your door standing out for all the right reasons. £30, John Lewis & Partners

Champagne glitter pine cone Christmas wreath on white background

Photo: John Lewis & Partners

2. Floral themed

A bargain from one of our favourite discount stores, this hanging floral wreath will bring nature vibes to your Christmas . £10, B&M

Floral Christmas wreaths on white background


3. Frosted feel

Nothing screams winter like a frosted eucalyptus wreath! This chic offering will dazzle your door and look stylish whichever colour scheme you opt for this year. £32, Marquis & Dawe

Frosted eucalyptus Christmas wreath on white background

Photo: Marquis & Dawe

4. Festive foliage

This stunning wreath looks the part with its array of leafy green foliage, but it’s also got a luxe velvet bow to boot! While it may seem like an investment buy, this is definitely one you can bring out year after year. £84.99, Lights4fun

Leafy foliage Christmas wreaths with velvet bow

Photo: Lights4fun

5. Gorgeous in grey

While this isn’t one of the classic Christmas wreaths that people traditionally go for, a pom pom wreath in neutral grey and white can look elegant and sleek for a more understated look. £50, Garden Trading

Grey and white pom pom Christmas wreaths on white background

Photo: Garden Trading

6. Wild wreath

Open your home to vibrant hues and nature-inspired looks with this stunning fresh wreath from flower delivery service Bloom & Wild. It’s thick and full with foliage and flowers to impress! £74, Bloom & Wild

Wild Christmas wreath with fresh plants and flowers on white background

Photo: Bloom & Wild

7. Hearty half

Not every wreath has to be thick and full of foliage or pom poms all the way round, many prefer a slightly more simplistic half and half approach. This offering has a bare hoop above, and all the excitement below, including LED lights. £15, Matalan

Photo: Matalan

8. Pretty peacock

Christmas wreaths don’t have to be green or even pom poms! If you fancy going against the grain with some colourful excitement, this is the one for you. Packed with two shades of blue feathers and vibrant golden eye-catching elements, this is perfect to make your door the stand out in the street. £12.99, TK Maxx

Blue feathered peacock Christmas wreaths

Photo: TK Maxx

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