Update your interior design scheme with these on-trend paint colours for the new season

Provocative Colour Paint Trend Crown Paints Blue Pink Black And Whitepaint Scheme

Image: Crown Paints

With spring on the horizon, we're looking at the future colour trends that will give your interiors a stylish update, as well as complementing the warmer, balmy months. This season we wave goodbye to warm neutrals, exotic greens and dusky blues, and welcome fresh floral shades, muted pink hues, sharp black lines and striking, bold colour combos.  

Colour experts and Good Homes' sponsor of our roomsets at Ideal Home Show, Crown Paints, have recently unveiled their top three colour trends for SS18. These refreshing designs challenge you to be brave with colour, allow you to embrace nature, and think more creatively about your interior schemes.

Read on to find out more about Crown Paint's innovative colour trends that we will be referring to when we style our roomsets at this year's Ideal Home Show.


Linear Blue Green Pink And Black Paint Trend Crown

Image: Crown Paints

To capture the spirit of Crown Paint's linear colour trend, just imagine the low light of dusk casting long shadows - a design that gives fresh meaning to Bauhaus. The grey palette combines watery blues with muted pinks, giving the appearance of being diffused by a subtle haze. The palette is then sharpened with neat black lines that bring Linear into focus.

“Linear is about working with the simplicity of straight lines; keeping to slim black outlines in furniture and lighting as well as on walls gives a new and sophisticated look, a modern elegance” explains Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant.

Linear Blue Green Pink And Black Painted  Walls Crown

Image: Crown Paints

The linear colour trend has been planned with architectural precision, creating an ultra modern and clean-lined space. 

Crown Colour Consultant, Neville Knott, adores the stunning combination of soft blues and pinks, defined by lines that play with perspective.

He says, "this look captures the environment and rethinks how colour is used in the home. The architecture of a space is acknowledged yet enhanced by the black outlines that reflect fragility of the accessories" Neville Knott, Crown Colour Consultant."


Provocative Paint Trend Crown Room With Red Yellow Blue And White Painted Walls

Image: Crown

This trend is plain and honest with its intention – it seeks to provoke. Provocative is a bold reaction in colour form, the striking combinations push and pull against one another to create something original. 

In the spirit of artistic street art that adorn the walls of east London, this is a similar form of expression.

“Brave, bold and provocative. With big blocks of colours and strong geometry that’s breaking free from the restriction of the walls” says Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio. 

Provocative Colour Paint Trend Crown Paints Blue Pink Black And Whitepaint Scheme

Image: Crown Paints

Designed to give maximum impact, the Provocative colour trend encompasses a set of strong colours. Its intention is to stop you in your tracks, provoking a reaction by using bold colours in unusual ways.

Crown Colour Specialist, Jemma Saunders, describes the trend as “expressive and rebellious, it is quirky and fun. Blocks of bold eye-catching primaries are matched with subtle chalky pastels.”


Pink Purple Painted Bedroom

Image: Crown

Bloom embraces the romance of nature, with fresh floral tones on a long spectrum from lively greens to deep-seated pinks and purples. This artistic interpretation picks out the wide brush stokes on an abstract canvas, combining all the fresh colours of a beautiful English garden.

Bloom White And Purple Colour Trend Crown Paints

Image: Crown Paints

“Spring brings life with this uplifting and energetic palette. The expressive paint technique is beautifully framed to give a contemporary edge to the flower-like pattern", Lisa Miller, Crown Design Studio. The Bloom trend epitomises spring with free-flowing abstract brushstrokes and fresh vibrant hues. 

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