Struggling to dry your clothes now the weather has turned colder? It's time to invest in a heated clothes airer.

clothes airer opener - buyer's guide to heated clothes airers - shopping -

Image: Aldi

Getting your clothes to dry quickly and efficiently in winter can be a tricky task. If you don't have a tumble dryer and a standard clothes horse just isn't doing the job, then a heated clothes airer could be the answer to your woes. 

What is a heated clothes airer?

A heated clothes airer looks like a standard clothes horse but plugs in to create individually heated bars to hang your clothes from, helping them dry quicker. 

How much do heated clothes airers cost to run?

Depending on which model you choose, a heated clothes airer will cost around 4-15p an hour to run, making it a lot more economical than a tumble dryer, which costs around 30p an hour. 

Who are heated clothes airers for?

These heated gadgets are perfect for those that struggle to effectively dry their clothes. Older and less insulated property homeowners often struggle to get their clothes dry in a suitable amount of time. Also, if a tumble dryer isn't an option for you, a heated clothes airer is a great alternative. 

Our top picks...

Minky electric airer, £49.99

amazon minky airer - buyer's guide to heated clothes airer - shopping -

Image: Amazon

This nifty design from Minky costs just 4p an hour to run – what a bargain! It has a total 12m of drying space and a 10kg capacity, which is plenty for a 1 wash load. 

Dry:Soon drying pod, £59.99

lakeland airer - buyer's guide to heated clothes airer - shopping -

Image: Lakeland

This drying pod circulates hot air around your clothes using its air-tight cover. It can hold up to 12 items on hangers and reduces the need for ironing. It approximately costs 15p an hour to run and will dry your clothes in less than 2 hours! 

Heated clothes airer, £28.99

clothes airer opener copy - buyer's guide to heated clothes airers - shopping -

Image: Aldi

The heated clothes airer from Aldi has taken the nation by storm. With a price tag of £28.99, it really is a special buy! Make doing the laundry less of a chore without the need of a tumbler dryer with this slimline dryer. It's also big enough for sheets and towels – bonus! 

3-tier heated airer, £100

john lewis airer - buyer's guide to heated clothes airer - shopping -

Image: John Lewis

Dry your clothes quickly without cluttering your radiators with this sleek heated airer. This one is great for smaller spaces as it is foldable, so you can put it away in the cupboard when it isn't in use. It works well with most fabrics that can handle up to 50°C. 

Single heated airer, £29.99

dunelm airer - buyer's guide to heated clothes airer - shopping -

Image: Dunelm

Made from lightweight metal, this silver clothes heater will look modern in your home, complementing existing colour schemes and styles. This 100 watt airer will speed up the drying process and its folding construction allows you to store it away for your convenience. 

Heated airer with cover, £170

lakeland drier - buyer's guide to heated clothes airers - shopping -

Image: QVC

A 3-tier heated airer is perfect for big families that have space to house this larger design. It features spacious and foldable shelves and comes complete with handy mesh shelf attachements, a cover to contain the heat plus four washbags to protect and sort your wash.


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