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These pet home accessories are so stylish they'll be the feature piece of any living space.

Your furry friends bring a lot of paraphernalia and for those of us who like to keep a stylish home, the products are mostly kitsch and sometimes even tacky. 

Fear not, as we've found a range of home accessories for your mutt or moggy that you're sure to want to covet and ensure they'll be kept in the lap of luxury.

Copper feeding bowls, £39

Copper Feeding Bowls Stylish Pet Accessories Madecom

Image: Made.com

Make feeding time fancy with copper bowls in a black metal frame from Made.com which is the perfect height for your pet to digest their food more easily.  

Ash wood cat bed, £75

Ash Wood Cat Bed Pet Accessories Madecom

Image: Made.com

In ash wood with grey cushions by Made.com, this sleek yet snug little hideaway is the perfect fit for your furbaby.

Walnut Dog bed, £159

Walnut Dog Bed Stylish Pet Accessories Madecom

Image: Made.com

Available in walnut wood or natural ash, this slick pet bed from Made.com for your medium-sized pooch will also act as a a classic statement piece in your living room.

Pet food storage containers, £45

Pet Food Storage Containers Pet Accessories Madecom 

Image: Made.com

With a refined look and metallic finish, store your pet's food and kibble in these storage containers from Made.com that can sit pride of place in your kitchen.

Cocoon bed, £95

Cat Wicker Rattan Cocoon Bed Cox And Cox

Image: Cox and Cox

Suitable for kitties and small pooches, Cox and Cox's boho style rattan pet cocoon comes complete with a cosy cushion and sturdy round base.  

Litter tray, £89

Cat Washroom Litter Tray Lords Labradors Pet Home Accessories

Image: Lords & Labradors

Multi-functional and suitable for cats and small breed dogs, the Lords & Labradors Cat Washroom is a pet house that will hide unsightly litter trays and also contain any litter that escapes the tray when your cat covers her business. The handy shelf can be used to store other pet products such as shampoos and other pet paraphernalia.

Dog crate, from £89.99

Dog Crate Pet Accessories Fido Studio

Image: Omlet

Designed as a piece of contemporary furniture, Omlet's Fido Studio is more than just an indoor dog crate. Acting doubly as a storage area for your pampered pooch's masses of trendy accessories, it's an incredibly practical solution for your living space.

Dog tipi, £54

Brushstroke Cat And Dog Tipi Pet Accessories

Image: Notonthehighstreet.com

This handmade brush stroke print tipi by Pup Tart Handmade is ideal for any stylish pet owner, who wants to give their best buddy a unique little home to call their own.

Cat scratching post, £74.50

Cactus Cat Scratching Post Vetsend Designed By Lotte Krabpaal

Image: Vetsend

Designed by Lotte, this cactus shaped scratching post from Vetsend.co.uk will ensure your puss enjoys endless scratching fun - an essential for those little claws. 

Velvet dog bed, £460

Hand Carved Pink Velvet Dog Bed Notonthehighstreet

Image: The Orchard at Notonthehighstreet.com

This lavish velvet dog bed by The Orchard on Notonthehightstreet.com is fit for pet royalty and is a piece of art in its own right. Upholstered in soft pink velvet and come replete with a sumptious mattress, it's super comfy to boot.

Cat Hammocks, £74.48

Cat Hammocks Wall Raceway Pet Accessories

Image: Etsy

Enliven your kitty's sense of adventure with this minimalist raceway by Catastrophi Creations on Etsy.com so they can literally climb the walls. The hammock sections also act as a lounging area, away from the hustle and bustle of floor life.

Cat tree, from €499

Cat Climbing Stylish Pet Accessory Miacara

Image: MiaCara

Designed by Dutch designer Regina Mol, the sleek Torre Cat Scratching Post by MiaCara will fit perfectly with the rest of your home's decor and features a massive base plate made from real wood to ensure stability, a large curved plywood panel which is covered in felt offering plenty of scratching space for your cat to sharpen their claws, and on top, the elevated sleeping area gives your feline friend the perfect all-round view.


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