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From chocolate quails eggs to chocolate teapots, go all out with these unique Easter eggs that are perfectly apt for adults with a sweet tooth.

Intro image: Fortnum & Mason

Eggsellency Alcoholic Easter Egg Hotel Chocolat 

Image: Hotel Chocolat

Easter is just around the corner, and we don't know about you, but chocolate is well and truly on the menu for the bank holiday weekend. Check out our top 5 luxury Easter eggs, ideal for adults who enjoy a sweet treat or two. 

Prepare to drool.

Fortnum & Mason hand decorated milk chocolate egg

Fortnum And Mason Chocolate Easter Egg Flowers Blue Bow

Image: Fortnum & Mason

If you're looking for an Easter egg that looks as luxurious as it tastes, then Fortnum & Mason's hand decorated milk chocolate egg, £40, is the perfect choice. Each sugar decoration on the outer shell has been carefully hand crafted and applied, which means every eggs is a unqiue piece of art.

This egg has been crafted from expertly tempered Tercentenary blend milk chocolate for a flawless shine - and inside you'll find the finest selection of handmade chocolate chicks and bunnies. 

Heston Blumenthal's chocolate teapot with sugar cube chocolates

Chocolate Teapot Sugar Cube Chocolates Heston Waitrose Good Homes Magazine

Image: Heston's, Waitrose

Why not celebrate Easter with a tea party beyond your wildest imagination, inspired by Alice in Wonderland? Heston's Chocolate Teapot, £20 Waitrose, is the creation of chef Heston Blumenthal, best known for his 'wizardry with recipes, for his alchemy with ingredients and his love of telling stories with food.'

This hollow, magical milk chocolate with cocoa "nib tea leaves" and "sugar cube" chocolates are flavoured with Heston's favourite teas including warming black tea with ginger and dark chocolate, jasmine tea with white chocolate, and citrus Earl Grey with mandarin and milk chocolate.

A dozen chocolate quails eggs 

A Dozen Chocolate Quails Eggs Hotel Chocolat Good Homes Magazine

Image: Hotel Chocolat

British chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat have crafted 12 tiddly - and indulgent - "quail" eggs filled with caramel, praline and truffles. The eggs are served in a sustainable egg box made from bagasse, a sugar cane by-product, which is a great compostable, biogradeable alternative to plastic.  

Inside the dozen quails eggs, £10, you will find tantalising flavours such as Vanilla, Simple Dark, Illegal Gianduja, Nuts about Raspberry and Salted Macadamia.

Mini hot choco buns

Mini Chocolate Hot Cross Buns Choconchoc Good Homes Magazine

Image: ChoconChoc

Looking for an alternative Easter egg? Then we recommend Choconchoc's Mini Hot Choco Buns, £9.99. A luxury, handmade novelty gift, these chocolate hot cross buns are made from white and milk Belgian, and come in a box of 9 nbble-tastic bites.

Booja Booja hand painted Easter egg

Booja Booja Hand Painted Easter Egg Selfridges Good Homes Magazine

Image: Selfridges

The Booja Booja Almond Sea Salt and Caramel Truffles large egg, £32, Selfridges, is one of the most exquisite Easter eggs on the market. Hand painted by artists in Kashmir, the shell serves a unique trinket box once the treats inside have been enjoyed.

Inside, the egg contains mouth-watering almond and sea salt caramel truffles, the perfect Easter treat for those with refined tastes. 


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