The Good Homes Approved team put the new 600 Lux Hybrid mattress to the test. Find out if it lives up to its promise of ensuring you the best night’s sleep…


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The 600 Lux Hybrid (RRP £649) is REM-Fit’s premium choice from their award-winning range of mattresses. It also comes with 100-night free trial & money-back promise, a 15-year guarantee and a great saving on pillows and mattress protectors. It may not be the cheapest mattress around, but when you consider its clever construction, which includes seven luxurious layers underneath a super-soft cover, then in our opinion it’s worth every penny! 

Unique feature

The REM-fit 600 Lux Hybrid is the first memory-foam layer to incorporate zoning, which is usually reserved for the base of a mattress. This smart feature ensures an even spread of pressure across the entire mattress, no matter whether you sleep on your side, back or front. 

The open-cell construction, which REM-Fit claims is 30 times more breathable than traditional memory foam, helps to reduce the amount of heat retained in the mattress – regulating your temperature while you sleep – and is complemented by a removeable thermo-regulatory cover that’s machine washable and hypoallergenic.

Combined with 3,500 short and tall pocket springs to support the contours of your body, the different heights help to minimise partner disturbance, particularly those who sleep with restless sleepers. 

Our team said: ‘This mattress cradles the weight of the body, providing a soft and sumptuous feel, whilst still delivering great support without the without that weird sinking feeling you can get with some memory foam mattresses.’ 

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We’d rate the 600 Lux Hybrid at a soft-to-medium tension. Its 150mm-high edge-to-edge support walls prevents the side of the mattress from sagging with long-term use and provides support right to the very edge of the mattress.

600 lux mattress from rem-fit - shopping -

Delivery and returns

The free next-day delivery option or selected day of your choice feature makes it a quick and convenient purchase, particularly if you’ve recently moved house or simply can’t wait for your new mattress to arrive! REM-Fit also offers a money-back, 100-night risk-free trial, rivalling most of its competitors on the market, alongside a 15-year full-replacement guarantee, beating the 10-year industry standard. 

Our team said: ‘When the box arrived we thought it would be bulky and awkward to handle, but it was easily manouverable for one person to open and take from the delivery driver.’ 

With health and lifestyle changes becoming more important in people’s buying habits, the handy booklet that arrived with the Lux Hybrid focused on the holistic benefits of sleep recovery and the contributing factors to achieving a great night’s sleep. It included an easy-to-follow infographic, as well as video resources on REM-Fit’s YouTube Channel on how to maximise the rest your body needs.

Did it meet Good Homes Approved standard?

Our review team were extremely satisfied with the REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid and would highly recommend this mattress. 

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Review: REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid mattress

The Good Homes Approved team put the new 600 Lux Hybrid mattress to the test.

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