Laminate flooring is a popular choice for many as it is easy to install and comes in lots of different designs. Here's our handy guide for buying and caring for your floor. 

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Suitable for almost any area of the home, laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain and comes in lots of different on-trend designs. We've done the hard work for you and spoke to Lifestyle Floors about what to consider and how to care for your new flooring. 

How is laminate made?

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Laminate is made up of a number of layers: A base layer that provides stability and prevents warping, a core layer that gives strength and flexibility, a décor layer then shows off the design, and the protective layer (a clear melamine resin) that creates a tough durable finish that is resistant to deep scratches and gouging.

What to look for...

Choose a laminate floor that can be ‘clicked’ together rather than glued. Click together planks are easier to install and will allow for the boards to be easily removed and re-laid elsewhere if required.

Fitting a laminate floor

Laminate can be fitted on most surfaces (apart from carpet) if they are smooth and flat. It should be laid in the same direction as the longest wall of the room unless it needs to match up with existing flooring in an adjacent room. If your room is square, then a good tip is to lay the boards in the direction of any incoming light. For the best finish, a professional installation is recommended.

Top care tips

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The protective coating on a laminate floor makes it resistant to stains and other damage. For the best results, a regular dry wiping and vacuuming will keep dust and dirt at bay. If you need to remove more stubborn marks such as footprints, then a damp mop and laminate floor cleaning solution are advisable. Washing with water and detergents is inadvisable as this can cause planks to swell and warp. Small scratches and gouge marks can be repaired with touch up kits.


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