Nail your spring cleaning routine with an organised cleaning caddy.

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Image: Next

Cleaning is a household task that homeowners are taking more and more pleasure in in recent years.

Streamline your spring cleaning routine and invest in a handy cleaning caddy that will have all of your favourite products at your fingertips.

Utilities storage tin, £18, Next

utilities box - cleaning caddies to tidy up your routine - shopping - 

Image: Next

This adorable utilities storage tin will look very appealing on your kitchen or utility room counter. With different compartments for your sprays, cloths and sponges, it'll have you excited for spring cleaning in no time.

Housekeeper's caddy, £24, Argos

housekeepers box - cleaning caddies to tidy up your routine - shopping -

Image: Argos

If you're the unofficial housekeeper of your home, this nifty cleaning caddy will put it in writing! It has a removeable tray that allows you store your products underneath and have your most important tools ready-to-hand.

Multipurpose cleaning caddy, £5.99, Lakeland

white plastic cleaning organiser - cleaning caddies to tidy up your home - shopping -

Image: Lakeland

Sometimes simplicity is best. This white hard-plastic caddy comes in at the bargain price of £5.99. It has a supportive handle meaning you can transport it room to room and can be easily wiped clean.

Utility bucket, £25, Garden Trading

industrial cleaning caddy - cleaning caddies to tidy up your routine - shopping -

Image: Garden Trading

Choose a cleaning caddy that fits in perfectly with your industrial home décor like this one from Garden Trading. Available in beige and charcoal, these ultra cool caddies look extremely stylish and will no doubt aid your cleaning routine.

Laundry powder storage, £12, Next

slogan cleaning caddy - cleaning caddies to tidy up your routine - shopping -

Image: Next

Designed to store washing powder, we're huge fans of the slogan design of this storage tin from Next that adds a sense of fun to your cleaning routine.


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