On the market for a new washing machine? Consider a smart option, that links to your wifi and can be controlled by your mobile devices.

hoover axi washing machine - buyer's guide to smart washing machines - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Hoover

What is a smart washing machine?

Smart washing machines can often be controlled by your mobile device through a successful Wifi connection. This means you have more control without the need of interacting physically with your machine. They also often have other tech features too that makes the washing process easier and more environmentally-friendly. 

How much does a smart washing machine cost?

Smart washing machines can range anywhere between £200-£2,000 depending on which model you choose and what functions you require from your appliance.

Who are smart washing machines for?

A smart washing machine is perfect for homeowners that want to have more control when it comes to their washing process. They're also designed for people who are environmentally-conscious. 

Our top picks

LG Signature TWINWash washing machine, £1,799, ao.com

LG signature washingmachine - buyer's guide to smart washing machines - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

image: LG

The LG Signature washing machine is loaded with SmartThinQ technology, meaning you can operate the washing machine and receive smartphone notifications when the detergent tank is empty, download specialised wash cycles and even track the amount of water and electricity used – giving you way more control over your wash load.

Hoover AXI washing machine, £699.99, Currys

hoover axi washing machine - buyer's guide to smart washing machines - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Hoover

You can control your AXI washing machine via the Wizard app, using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Thanks to this guided feature, your washing machine will pre-empt the amount of detergent you need, forecast the best time to do your washing using geo-location technology and it even gives you the freedom to wash all kinds of fibres and colours together.

Whirlpool wifi connected washing machine, £719, ao.com

whirlpool smart washingm achine - buyer's guide to smart washing machines - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Whirlpool

This impressive machine uses the 6th Sense Live app to start and schedule wash cycles on-the-go. It also has a clever feature called FreshCare, which keeps your laundry fresh when you're not available to empty the drum straightaway. The useful features don't stop there, it also has Zentechnology, meaning the machine causes less vibration, has a lower spin speed and offers more peace and quiet.

AquaTech washing machine, £349, Beko

beko smart washing machine lifestyle - buyer's guide to smart washing machines - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Beko

This machine has AquaTech technology which delivers up to 50% faster washes that are also up to 50% more gentle. You can remotely control and monitor your washing machine via bluetooth with the HomeWhiz app, meaning you can save time and money by scheduling a wash over night for example! Not only this, but the SteamCure feature uses the power of steam to reduce creases, making your life easier.


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