Create a dynamic feature wall in your home with a stylish wallpaper mural. Here are some of our favourite styles right now. 

murals wallpapers midnight blooms floral design wallpaper -

Image: Murals Wallpaper 

Feature walls: yay or nay? While some people think that the feature wall is a trend of the past, the rise and rise of wallpaper murals in our homes says otherwise. 

Whether you want to create a statement look, or just add some character to your space, why not try one of these stylish design ideas? 

Aria wall mural, £36 per square metre, Murals Wallpaper

Floral wallpapers are always a popular choice, but we particularly love how this Aria mural from Murals Wallpaper has been used in this bedroom scheme. With a bouquet as the main focal point, it makes a real statement behind the bed in lieu of a headboard - plus you can customise the design so the floral motif can be placed wherever you choose. 

Crested Crane wall mural, £70, Next 

next tropical wall mural wallpaper -

Image: Next 

A brilliant budget option, this tropical mural from Next is just £70 for the whole design. On a white backdrop, this design won't feel like such a bold feature wall in a neutral room, while still bringing tons of character to the space. 

Marble mural, from £95 per roll, MAT NAKS

nat maks marble wall mural wallpaper in kitchen -

Image: NAT MAKS 

A wall mural is a great way to recreate a luxury-style material on a much more affordable budget. This idea from NAT MAKS creates the look of decadent marble at a fraction of the cost it would take to create a real stone feature. 

Flamingo Flamboyance mural, from £245, Woodchip & Magnolia 

woodchip and magnolia flamingo flamboyance wall mural wallpaper -

Image: Woodchip & Magnolia 

Black and white wall murals are endlessly stylish and work great with a pop of colour set against it. This mural design from Woodchip & Magnolia also features quirky flamingos in colour for a more playful interpretation of the trend. 

Blue Mist mural, £32 per square metre, Wallsauce 

blue mist wall mural from wallsauce ]-

Image: Wallsauce  

Looking for an inky, ombré style mural? Try the Blue Mist mural from Wallsauce. The design sits at the perfect height for just over a bed or sofa, making it a great feature wall idea for living rooms and bedrooms. 

Freeflow mural in Red Clay, £36 per metre, Murals Wallpaper 

red clay freeflow mural from murals wallpapers -

Image: Murals Wallpaper   

This creative mural from Murals Wallpaper makes great use of pattern over a larger scale. Reminiscent of trendy line drawings, this design is striking but won't overtake an entire room. 


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