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Yankee Candle launches Scent of the Year 2021

The leaders in home fragrance announce their highly anticipated, third annual Scent of the Year

Yankee Candle - SOTY 2021 Discovery | Good Homes Magazine

Image: Yankee Candle

In response to the difficult past year we’ve had and the lack of travel opportunities due to national restrictions, Yankee Candle have decided to create a new scent named ‘Discovery’. Tuning into our yearn for authentic connections and cultural curiosity, the company hope to ignite renewed feelings of discovery, energy, tactility and nostalgia with their newest launch.

Known for their candles, wax melts, diffusers and accessories, Yankee Candle introduced the initiative in 2019 where ‘One Together’ made its debut to kick off the collection. One year later we were introduced to ‘Awaken’; a scent focussed around wellness and lifestyle trends.

And now, Discovery hopes to gain our attention through a perfume passport, providing a much-needed sensual getaway – without the inconvenience of airport delays!

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Inspiration behind the scent

Scent Of The Year 2021 Discovery, Yankee Candle | Good Homes Magazine

Image: Yankee Candle

Warming notes of red ginger and guava, combined with a melange of passionfruit, mango, starfruit and musky vanilla take our noses through a global journey. With people around the world ‘craving travel and exploration now more than ever before’ according to Anna Witton, VP of Marketing, the candle immerses your space with an exotic assortment of aromas, whisking our senses away to far-flung destinations.

Witton also went on to say: ‘Knowing that travel may still be out of reach  for many this year… [the candle] was designed to help people fulfill the universal desire to discover new cultures, make new memories, and embrace new connections from the comforts of their own homes.’

Read on for a detailed breakdown of why the British brand considered this cocktail and fruits and spices…

Fragrance breakdown

Yankee Candle - SOTY 2021 Discovery (cut out) Good Homes Magazine

Image: Yankee Candle

  • Top notes:  Punchy red ginger adds colour, freshness and zest, evoking inspiration for our next Asian inspired culinary dish.
  • Middle notes: Floral starfruit brings us further to the depths of Caribbean islands and tropical jungles, whilst juicy mango sparks hopes and passions reminding us that adventure is around the corner; Tart hints of passionfruit, inspire us to plan our next holiday.
  • Base notes: The familiar smell of creamy and musky vanilla brings comfort and serenity to our space.


Yankee Candle - SOTY 2021 Discovery | Good Homes Magazine

Image: Yankee Candle

This sense of culture is also reflected in its packaging. The Moroccan-inspired motif featured on its glass jar creates a beautiful silhouette in your space when lit.


Scent Of The Year 2021 Discovery, Yankee Candle | Good Homes Magazine

Image: Yankee Candle

Discovery is available in a large classic jar candle for £26.99 and is available to buy on International Fragrance Day (March 21) at YankeeCandle.co.uk.

Why not share your experiences of the candle using the hashtags #ScentOfTheYear and #ScentOf2021?

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