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Stylish shopping bags you can find on the high street

Save the planet in style with these fab plastic bag alternatives.

reusable shopping bags on bike - best high street reusable shopping bags - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Alexander Schimmeck, Unsplash

It seems more and more people are ditching plastic and picking up bags for life instead, as the government reveal plastic bag sales have halved in the last year.

This is due to the 5p charge which was introduced in 2015 and has continued to help fight plastic pollution since. It’s been found that customers now only buy 10 plastic bags a year, on average, which is a drastic drop from the 140 bags a year that was reported in 2014.

Because of the increased awareness around the impact of single-use plastics, people are taking more responsibility for their actions and are actively reducing the amount of plastic they use.

So, if you haven’t got one yet, join the revolution and help save the planet in style by investing in a reusable shopping bag. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best ones you can find on the high street right now.

Snake skin shopper bag, M&S

snake skin shopper bag - best high street reusable shopping bags - M&S - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: M&S

Snake skin is so in, and if the look of this shopping bag wasn’t enough, then the feel of the synthetic leather is sure to convince you, £10, M&S.

Mustard Yellow Stripe Canvas Shopper, Sainsbury’s

mustard stripe shopper bag - best high street reusable shopping bags - Sainsburys - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Sainsbury’s

This large, mustard yellow bag is one you can appreciate all year round. Not just because of the trendy colour, but because of the amount of shopping you’ll be able to fit in it, £8, Sainsbury’s.

Pink mesh shopper bag, Asda

pink mesh shopper bag - best high street reusable shopping bags - Asda - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Asda

If mustard isn’t your colour, try this large pink mesh shopper instead! Its durable design will have you reaching for it shop after shop for the foreseeable future, £6, Asda.

Pink Sausage Dog shopper bag, Next

pink sausage dog shopper bag - best high street reusable shopping bags - Next - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Next

For all the shopaholics that are also dogaholics, this shopper bag was made for you, £4, Next.

Adventure slogan shopper bag, Accessorize

adventure slogan shopper bag - best high street reusable shopping bags - Accessorize - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Accessorize

Why not be a bit more adventurous with this stylish slogan tote shopper bag, £18, Accessorize.

Black rose foldaway shopper bag, Debenhams

black pink roses shopper bag - best high street reusable shopping bags - Debenhams - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Debenhams

If you don’t have a lot of room to store one of the above shopper bags, why not opt for this floral foldable bag that you can whip out any time you need to, £10, Debenhams.

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