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As new research finds that 50% of us feel stressed about our homes, we look at the 6 big ideas to help make sure your home is filled with happiness. 

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It's Blue Monday - statistically the most depressing day of the year - but could your home be contributing to a less-than-positive state of mind today? 

According to new research from architecture firm RESI, half of us feel stressed in our own homes. 50% of the 4,000 adults in the UK interviewed admitted that they didn't feel relaxed in their homes from time to time. 

So how to make your home a happier place? While everyone's home is different, RESI has come up with 6 universal qualities to think about in its campaign to 'Make Britain’s Homes Happy' - a good place to start. 

Make your space feel safe 

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Peace of mind is invaluable in creating a happy dwelling, so why not invest in your home security? This could be a smart security camera, for example, or making simple additions such as outdoor lighting that will alert you if anyone is outside of your property. It's important to get the balance right - you may not want to feel like you're living in high security compound, so bulk up security just enough so that you put your mind at rest. 

Create a home that nourishes you 

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A healthy body is a happy body, so doing your best to make sure your home is a nourishing environment for you is important. One key element you can easily tackle is improving air quality. Choose low-VOC content paint when decorating, as is keep your home well ventilated - whether that's opening a window from time to time or ensuring you've got the right extraction. You can also purchase air purifiers which help to remove any nasties from the air you breathe and create a happy, healthy home. 

Add adaptable elements

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When life throws a challenge at you, the last thing you need to be worried about is how your home is going to accomodate it. When designing your home, take some time to think about how it can adapt to meet changing needs - that may be extra room to sleep whether that's for guests or if you choose to grow your family; or even ensuring that accessibility issues are considered throughout. 

Create space for relaxation 

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Image: Dobbies

Whatever you like to do to help you unwind, make sure you create space for it in your home. That may be a nice, quiet spot if meditation is your thing, or a dedicated room for crafting if that's what relaxes you, for example.  

Think about how you decorate these spaces too - some decorating styles are more condusive to a relaxing atmosphere, but that doesn't necessarily just mean white. Take a look at our guide to creating a calm bedroom for more ideas

Failing all else, fill your space with plants. Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies, Claire Bishop is an expert in all things botanical, says: “Put simply, plants make us happy! Instantly transforming any space, they are not only a quick and easy decorating solution but they bring us so much more than most home accessories." 

Ensure there's room to connect 

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Often, each member of the family has their own busy schedule, but it's important to spend time with each other, so create a space in your home that's easy to connect in. Nowadays, the kitchen has become the hub of the home, so keep your design open-plan with lots of seating options. It can be a great place for kids to do homework and for the family to catch up over meals. 

Let your home reflect you 

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Image: Desenio 

As we've seen, your environment is important to your state of mind, so letting your space express your personality is a great creative release. From your favourite decorating schemes to simply displaying your own personal artefacts that mean something special to you, make your home feel like an extension of yourself. 


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