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Hard water can ruin your clothes, appliances and even your hair. We look at how water softeners can make a big difference to your home.


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Huge parts of the UK rely on hard water. That’s water with a concentration of calcium and magnesium particles that’s over a certain threshold. Hardness of water can even vary within counties, with different environmental conditions – mostly to do with the rocks and soil where water has been carried – affecting it.

So, what’s the problem? Well, the difference between soft and hard water isn’t just in terms of taste – the latter has a more pronounced mineral tang – but in the negative effects hard water can have on and in your home.

The scourge of limescale

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Hard water’s mineral properties lead to a build of limescale in homes. You’ll see it on the inside of your kettle – and it can damage your appliances in the long run – but also in other day-to-day areas such as shower heads. If your shower head starts to block, to lose water pressure or to spray in random directions, that’s limescale build up caused by hard water.

Limescale is a visible problem too. It leaves a deposit on shower curtains, on pots, pans, crockery and glassware. It takes a lot more elbow grease to get a hard water house looking as clean as one with a supply of soft water.

Hard water and health

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As well as being a nightmare for appliances and cleaning, there are other downsides to hard water. The same minerals that build up in your kettle also build up on your skin and hair, making it harder to wash and lather. Anyone who’s travelled from a soft water home to a hard water area can attest to how much harder it is to get suds and shampoo lathered up properly.

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Try softened water in your own home and you should feel the benefits of better hair and skin, meaning you’ll use fewer products, saving money in the process. There has also been a University of Sheffield study linking hard water with eczema development – more food for thought.

Move to softened water

A Harvey Water Softener Under A Sink In A Kitchen

Getting the benefits of soft water doesn’t have to mean studying a map, picking an area that has it and upping sticks. No, there’s a far less dramatic but very effective solution in the form of Harvey Water Softeners.

Simple to install, whether outside or in, and just as simple to use, a twin cylinder water softener uses resin to trap the minerals found in hard water. You don’t need to think about the science, the device simply plugs into your mains water and supplies softened water to your entire home.

It’s an inexpensive and reliable way to say goodbye to limescale, and you can try softened water in your own home when you trial a Harvey Water Softener.

Book a free demonstration today and take a 3 month trial that will help you see, feel and experience the difference that soft water can make.


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Hard water can ruin your clothes, appliances and even your hair. We look at how water softeners can make a big difference to your home.
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