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Get ready for 5th March with these fun, personalised Pancake Day essentials from NotontheHighStreet.

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Image: Jennifer Pallain, Unsplash

Shrove Tuesday is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing for non-seasoned bakers: pancakes resembling scrambled eggs, or even worse, stuck to the ceiling. 

Avoid the pancake pitfalls with NotontheHighStreet's round up of the best Pancake Day accessories you simply can't do without.

Personalised Mumma and Me Cotton Apron Set

 Mother Daughter Personalised Aprons Baking Notonhighstreet Good Homes Magazine

Image: Sparkes and Daughters, NotontheHighStreet 

If you're celebrating Shrove Tuesday by making a batch of homemade pancakes, you'll need to prepare for a little mess. As well as leak and stain-proofing your kitchen, you'll need to protect your clothes too - especially if you're cooking with a child in tow. Sparks and Daughters have designed this practical, Mumma & Me apron set, £39, made from pure natural fairtrade cotton, which can be personalised with yours and your little ones name in pretty lettering. 

This is a lovely idea for Mummy and child or Granny and Grandchild to have matching aprons to wear when baking together, from Pancake Day to all year round. The aprons are unisex so they can be personalised for a Grandad and Grandchild too. The set includes one adult and one child's apron and you have the option to add an extra adult and child's apron too.

Personalised Kids Baking Set 

Personalised Wooden Rolling Pin Spatula Pastry Brush Notonthehighstreet Good Homes Magazine

Image: Rocket and Fox, NotontheHighStreet 

This super cute personalised baking set, £13.50, is made up of child friendly sized utensils, comprising a rolling pin, spatula, pasty brush, spoon and cutting board, all wrapped with a gender neutral ribbon ready for gifting. Each utensil (except the pasty brush) features the words "Baked with love by" to which you can add your chosen name to create a fabulous gift for the child in your life, suitable for children aged 5 and under.

Rocky Road Pancakes with Marshmallows and Chocolate Biscuit

Rocky Road Pancakes Gold Pink Candles Notonthehighstreet Good Homes Magazine

Image: The Little Pancake Company, NotontheHighStreet  

Want to put a interesting choclately, marshmallow twist on your pancakes this year? Why not whip up a batch of fluffy American pancakes with The Little Pancake Company's delicious Rocky Road gourmet pancake mix, £8.50? Each pancake mix contains fluffy marshmallows, biscuit pieces and indulgent Belgian chocolate and serves 4 people.

Warm fluffy pancakes in less than 5 minutes? Don't mind if we do. All you need to add to the pancake mix is one egg and some milk and then give it a whisk. And they only take a minute or two to cook – just enough time to grab your cosy socks and dance around the kitchen.

Personalised Pancake Spatula

Honey Strawberry Pancakes Wooden Spatula Yellow Plate Notonthehighstreet Good Homes Magazine

Image: Natural Gift Store, NotontheHighStreet  

Everyone needs the baking essentials to whip perfect pancakes, and this personalised wooden spatula, £7.99 is an ideal gift for any keen baker. You can personalise the spatula with any message to make for an extra special and unique gift. Designed to lift the pancake from beneath, this is the perfect kitchen accessory for all year round.

Personalised Family Breakfast Favourites Illustration 

Honey Blueberry Pancakes Personalised Pancake Illustration Notonthehighstree Good Homes Magazine

Image: Bryony Fripp, NotontheHighStreet   

We can't get over the cuteness of these quirky hand drawn illustrations, £40, depicting each family members favourite breakfasts. These prints are a lovely gift for any food lover or brunch addict. You can custom order Bryony Fripp's illustrations for each family member to feature individual tastes along with their name.

Breakfast foods to choose from are:

  • Pancake Toppings: All of the above, lemon, chocoate, cheese and ham  
  • Fry up - fried eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, baked beans, hash brown, vine tomatoes, large grilled mushrooms, slices mushrooms,
  • Boiled egg and soldiers
  • Toast options: Smoked salmon, avocado, spinach, cheese, eggs benedict, eggs florentine, asparagus, jam, butter, marmite
  • Porridge Toppings: Banana, berries, honey, nuts and seeds


What gadgets or accessories will you be using to whip up your pancakes? Tweet us @goodhomesmag or post a comment on our Facebook page.



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