Modernise your kitchen, while choosing a material that won't go out of fashion, with FENIX NTM worktops. 


kitchen with white worktop and blue cabinet doors 

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Whether you’re plumping for a whole new kitchen or just looking to spruce things up, the ultra-matt aesthetics and innovation of the latest worktops are a great way to modernise. We take a closer look at one superb range…

Contemporary style

 Black kitchen worktop with white doors

Image: Direct Online Services

Design trends constantly evolve, which can be tricky if you’re aiming for a contemporary, modern look in your kitchen. The result is that it can be tempting to play safe and opt for something dull and classic.

However, it’s simple to achieve an on-trend look with the FENIX NTM range of worktops from Worktop Express. They combine cutting-edge technology with modern aesthetics to achieve a timeless, minimalist design that won’t age.

Designed with both looks and practicality in mind, the five elegant colours include jet black, speckled black, cool white and two fashionable greys, giving you the flexibility to achieve your desired outcome.

Your worktop, your way

close up of a white kitchen worktop with grey doors

Image: Direct Online Services

In addition to the luxe colour palette, FENIX NTM worktops come in two formats so you can select the one most complementary to your plans. Bonded FENIX NTM has a standard 39mm profile which is a cost-effective way of having the benefits of the worktop in your kitchen.

The Solid FENIX NTM, meanwhile, has an ultra-slim and sharp 12mm profile and is customisable with bespoke features such as drainage grooves for practical kitchen solutions where you need them most.

Not your average worktop

 top down view of a black sink and worktop with coffee

Image: Direct Online Services

While they look gorgeous, much of what makes FENIX NTM worktops special is invisible to the naked eye but will prove its worth during the lifetime of your kitchen.

This includes low light reflectivity and soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint surfaces which require minimal care. Ongoing maintenance is reduced too as these worktops have cutting-edge, thermal-healing properties meaning you can repair any superficial micro-scratches without replacing sections or undergoing costly treatments. It’s an investment in your kitchen you can be sure will pay dividends.

The finishing touch

Further balancing functionality with aesthetics, you can also opt for colour-matched sinks. This will help to create a smooth, modern seamless look throughout your kitchen. They use special matt-composite material for a stunning ultra-matt finish that also makes water flow faster through a smooth surface and ‘lotus effect’. Again, they make a great investment as they come with UV protection to prevent discolouration and are 100% stain repellent. Add in matching splashbacks and upstands and you’ve got a complete kitchen look.

black worktop and cream doors with sushi

Image: Direct Online Services 

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For more information on FENIX NTM worktops, visit the UK’s leading online worktop supplier, Worktop Express online. You can order a sample pack to see how the range’s beautiful finish matches up to the kitchen of your dreams.


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