Make these changes to your kitchen to make it a more eco-friendly space.

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There are many things you can do around the home to make it more environmentally-friendly, but they don't all have to be huge changes. From shopping in second-hand shops or switching out your everyday products for more eco-conscious alternatives, here are a few ideas on how you can make your kitchen more sustainable.

Use reclaimed materials 

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If you're planning a kitchen renovation, consider using reclaimed materials for your cabinets and flooring. When it comes to making eco-friendly choices in your kitchen, second-hand materials might not be the first thing that springs into your mind, however using a reclaimed material not only limits the amount f natural resources your new spaces uses, but it also requires far less energy in the production process. 

Energy-efficient appliances

Reducing the amount of water and electricity used in a kitchen results in a smaller carbon footprint. Take the first steps in doing this by swapping out your old appliances for more eco-friendly designs. You can now purchase washing machines that know exactly how much water to use and at which temperature depending on the materials and size of the load, for example.

Recycling system 

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Managing your waste is a key part of being eco-conscious in the home. Bins aren't the most appealing element of a kitchen however it's important to separate your waste appropriately. Opt for a modern and stylish bin design, like this Bo Touch bin from Brabantia, which has two 30L compartments – one for recycling and one for general waste.

Eco cleaning supplies

For a cheap and easy eco upgrade, be aware of what products you are using to clean your kitchen. Eco-friendly kitchen products are so easy to come by now as most major supermarkets stock them. However, if you've got a particular product that you love and simply can't swap out, consider buying it in larger or refillable quantities, meaning you are reducing the amount of plastic generated.

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Replace plastic packaging

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Replace the need for wasteful plastic packaging with sustainable storage jars. This means you can choose to purchase your groceries in packaging that uses less non-recyclable content from the supermarket and decant it at home. Not only is this more of an eco-conscious way to store your food products, but they also look really pretty sitting on your worktops too. Be inspired by Instagram star Mrs Hinch and label your jars for a uniformed look.


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