A kitchen island is a brilliant design choice for those that have the space, but what sort of things should you consider before incorporating one? 

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Islands provide eye-catching, versatile additions to any kitchen, however homeowners often find it difficult to know how to incorporate one into their kitchen layout and the different options available.

Graeme Smith from Life Kitchens, shares with us his top tips to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen island.

Kitchen layout

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Adding an island to a kitchen is a great way to increase food prep areas and storage options. However, when looking to incorporate an island to a layout, it is essential to consider the available circulation space. The desired amount of room is approx. 1200mm between fitted cabinetry and the island, but it is important to bear in mind that extra floor space may be needed in areas like the hob that typically experience high-traffic.

Fitted or moveable

Fitted or moveable islands are both functional additions to a kitchen but deciding on what style to go for depends on how multifunctional the kitchen needs to be. A moveable island is valuable to those who need furniture to act as a preparationbased room divider during the day and pushed aside at night to make way for entertaining. Fitted islands are a permanent fixture that prove more functional in larger kitchens with extra floor space.

Multifunctional island

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Islands are a versatile piece of furniture that can be designed to provide maximum efficiency when cooking. Whether it is the addition of a hob, extra built-in storage, an integrated chopping block or a seating area, the island will encourage the kitchen to be a socially connected space that allows meals to be prepared with ease.


The kitchen island is naturally the focal point of a room, so it is important to choose the right lighting that enhances it practically and aesthetically. Pendant lighting is an elegant addition that will bring an extra layer of interest to the kitchen’s design. The low hanging bulbs will offer extra light for everyday tasks without overwhelming the space. For a more visual effect, plinth lighting can be integrated to add an aspect of drama and luxury to a scheme.

Work surfaces

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Subject to size, quartz and granite used in their entirety work well to give a seamless finish. Larger islands may require a joint, so there is the opportunity to experiment with the design and choose a complementary material, colour or thickness. Adding timber elements such as chopping blocks to a breakfast bar can be a good way to subtly zone an island whilst also disguising the joints.


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