Not only do white kitchens hold their value and help sell properties, they can be bolder and more adventurous than you think, as these 5 properties show.  

harvey jones White Linear Kitchen -

Image: Harvey Jones 

White is a classic kitchen colour, but as the world of Instagram interiors grows and grows, more and more people are opting for dark and dramatic, or colourful and eccentric kitchen designs to make an impact. 

However, a white kitchen doesn't have to be bland, and it can help to make the most of a space, ensuring it stays bright, airy and retain its value in your house if you're unsure how long you plan to stay in your current home. 

Take a look at these 5 real life examples of how an all-white kitchen can work for you. 

Go all out with white

Commiting to an all-white kitchen design may seem a little extreme, but as this Harvey Jones kitchen demonstrates, it can help even the most fussy of layouts feel minimal and calm. The combination of white walls, cabinetry and work surfaces here helps the irregular shape of the island and wall cabinetry, and the supporting pillar, not monopolise the design of the kitchen. 

Accent detailing 

 White kitchen with statement stone surfaces and brass detailing -

Image: Kitchen by Blakes London. Photo: Malcolm Menzies 

A simple, all-white palette for cabinetry, walls and worktops leaves room for a statement accent to complete the look. Brass is a huge interiors trend and makes for a great partner for white thanks to its warm metallic colour. This Blakes London kitchen goes one step further and uses a statement stone with beautiful marbling to complement the brassware and trims. 

Create focal points 

 white kitchen with broken plan layout -

Image: Kitchens by Holloways

An all-white kitchen will mean that there's little inherently in the kitchen design to draw focus, allowing you to get creative with your styling to do the job. This design from Kitchens by Holloways uses a central divider between kitchen and dining room filled with plants to bring a fresh, natural quality to the space.

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Layer textures and finishes

The Classic Millhouse white Kitchen by deVOL -

Image: Kitchen design by deVOL 

When using white throughout, get creative with your textures to add visual interest. Think matte versus gloss, stone against wood... 

Adding subtle variations in shades of white can also help to enrich the scheme. 

Warm accents

British Standard Daughtry white kitchen wooden worktop 

Image: Kitchen by British Standard 

The right white is key to a warm, welcoming kitchen. Avoid pure, Brilliant whites where possible, as these can feel stark and characterless. 

Think about your kitchen facing before choosing your shade - does it receive warm south-facing light or cold north-facing light?

To warm up a white scheme that feels cold, think about introducing natural materials. Wood, jute and rattan are all great additions to a white kitchen.  


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