Inject a dose of greenery into your kitchen space with this clever island planter. Here's how...

grey island kitchen planter - how to bring the outside in with an island planter - kitchen -

Image: Benchmarx Kitchens 

You can bring greenery into your home in many different and unique ways, however, we particularly love this idea for a kitchen island planter. 

Whether you have a growing desire to eat fresh and healthy produce, you’re a budding chef in need of easy-to-reach fresh herbs, or you simply want to bring more greenery into your home, incorporating an island planter is the perfect way to lift your kitchen. We spoke to Julia Trendell, design expert at Benchmarx Kitchens, who explains how to customise your kitchen with this clever design. 

basil herb in pot - how to bring the outside in with an island planter - kitchen -

Image: Pixabay

Design hacks like this should ideally be considered early in the stages of planning your kitchen, when you can really think about how best to customise your layout to get the most out of it. However, that’s not to say such a feature couldn’t be introduced once your kitchen is already installed, space permitting, as you essentially require a sunken area in your worktop. 

To create a uniform look, carry through the same frontages as your kitchen, using the same worktop to frame the unit. Alternatively, for added interest, opt for the same kitchen range in a complementary colour – for example, pairing neutral stone grey with a more striking midnight blue or forest green. 

stone island planter - how to bring the outside in with an island planter - kitchen - 

Image: Benchmarx Kitchens

The joy of an island planter is that it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space alongside an island or peninsula and it is totally customisable. If you find yourself tiring of the greenery, why not temporarily remove it and replace with a showcase of your favourite wine bottles, cooking oils or jars? When entertaining or enjoying family time in the garden during warmer months, ice can be added to the space, providing the perfect base to chill drinks. 


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