Improve your cooking skills during lockdown by watching and taking part in these fun and interactive Instagram cookalongs.

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Set goals during lockdown to make the most out of this extra time some of us have on our hands. You may want to improve your cooking repertoire and Instagram is offering a helping hand. Here are a few of our favourite Instagram cookalongs that we're following whilst being at home.  

Francesco Mazzei

Join Francesco Mazzei this Friday at 6pm for his second cooking masterclass with Grana Padano, themed ‘cooking with kids.' This week, Francesco’s children will be joining him in the kitchen to demonstrate how to create a family favourite, Lamb meatballs with tomato sauce and Grana Padano. All the ingredients required will be posted on his Instagram page the day before to allow plenty of time to prepare.

Bread Ahead Bakery

Bread Ahead Bakery is offering baking lesson every day at 2pm over on Instagram Live. There's also a schedule on its website letting you know what's coming up and what ingredients you will need. This one is definitely worth tuning into, trust us!

Honey & Co.

Follow the hashtag #honeyandcoathome to cookalong with Middle Eastern resturant owners Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich. They've made it easy for us all by posting what they will be making beforehand on their feed as well as the ingredients we'll need.


The popular healthy fast food chain Leon are posting regular cookalongs from its best-selling cookbooks – they've even had Matt Lucas as a guest star! Alongside this, Leon has launched Feed Britain, a new delivery platform to deliver restaurant-quality produce direct to people's doors.

Jason Atherton

World-renowned chef Jason Atherton and founder of @socialeathouse and @pollen_street_social is creating family-friendly cookalongs that he's named 'Social Kitchen Isolation' over on his Instagram feed. Our favourite so far has to be when he made classic beef burgers, which looked divine. 


Have you been taking part in any Instagram cookalongs? Let us know on social! Tweet us @goodhomesmag, post a comment on our Facebook page and remember to tag your recipe on Instagram using the hashtag #ThisGoodHome.



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