Banquette-style seating offers a kitchen not only a dynamic look, but a clever way to make the best use of the space. 

pink and midnight blue kitchen with seating nook from Benchmarx Kitchens -

Image: Benchmarx Kitchens 

When it comes to creating a dining space within a kitchen, built-in, banquette seating has a lot to offer. 

It's something that can be designed alongside your new kitchen, creating a sleek look, while being super efficient with space. As you won't need to pull out and push in chairs, it will sit flat against the wall or divide, making sure that every inch of room is used to the maximum. 

It's great for awkwardly shaped spaces, as it can be made bespoke to fit, and it also gives you options to include storage, making further use of the space. 

If you're considering how you can include built-in seating in your design, take a look at these examples of how it can be used. 

Create a break in a unit run 

Not sure you've got room for a dining space in a compact kitchen? We love this idea from Benchmarx Kitchens to incorporate a seating area into your kitchen. 

Bella Glen, design expert at Benchmarx, says: “If you want to build in additional seating, however, space is limited, then consider a built in nook that can be carefully incorporated into surrounding units to really maximise space. A small table and bench can be added to transform the space into a dining area, creating a versatile space.”

Corner seating 

kitchen with built-in window seating from Humphrey Munson -

Image: Humphrey Munson 

Whether it's in the corner of the room, or in a bay window as demonstrated in this Humphrey Munson kitchen, banquette seating gives you flexibility to make the most of seating around corners. Built-in seating gives you the option to squeeze in an extra place setting at the table if you often have a large number of dinner guests. 

On a peninsula

A breakfast bar is often created on the peninsula of a kitchen (like an island, but joined to the wall on one side), however banquette seating gives you another option to consider. 

Statement island seating 

martin moore new deco kitchen island banquette seating -

Image: Martin Moore

An island also oftens feature bar stool seating, but we love this idea for a multi-function island from Martin Moore. The corner design ensures plenty of extra seating that's well integrated into the kitchen space. 

Booth island seating

booth style built in seating in davonport kitchen -

Image: Davonport Kitchens 

This curved banquette seating is a real feature. This Davonport Kitchens design uses a leather fabric matched to the cabinetry colour for a cleaner look, but the contrast in the worktop really highlights the seat area. 

Occasional seating 

humphrey munson built in occasional banquette seating -

Image: Humphrey Munson 

Built-in seating in the kitchen doesn't need to be for dining if you have a separate dining room. This small bench seat makes this Humphrey Munson kitchen a more social space in which the whole family can gather comfortably. 


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