We take a look at the biggest trends in desserts, treats and puddings that will be satisfying your sweet tooth in the coming year.  

New future classics - Ube ice cream 

Image: Baileys

This year, Baileys has served up its first ever Treat Report, curated with top global treat makers and lovers, looking at the delicious trends destined to take off in 2020.

Like the cat who got the (Irish) Cream, we joined them for an indulgent evening hosted by Claudia Winkleman and looked into the crystal ball of treating, along with experimental gastronomy studio Kitchen Theory, Pinterest and bespoke bakery, Lily Vanilli and Great British Bake Off's Benjamina Ebuehi.

With 2020 vision, here's what they think we'll be eating and treating.

1. Savoury and sweet

Treat report opener

Image: Baileys

Savoury ingredients are increasingly turning up in our sweet treats and desserts, so get ready to see more avocado, bacon and beetroot in your fave puds. Why not try using tahini in your brownies for a nutty take on the chocolate bake? We got to try these delicious bacon and maple syrup buns at the event!

Bacon buns

2. Anytime indulgence

We're set to continue the shift from a sweet treat being a post-meal moment to an indulgent anytime pleasure. 2020 will see the continued rise of the 'treat yourself' culture, so have your cake and eat it, wherever and whenever the moment takes you.

3. Perfectly imperfect treats

Treat report 2

Image: Baileys

Perfection is pass√© and we're finding more and more of our Good Homes Instagram followers 'keeping it real'. Pinterest insights reveal that #bakingfail, #kitchenfail and #cookingfail are fast-growing topics - celebrating the mess, the not-quite-right, the why-didn't-it-rise, in ever more ingenius ways.  

4. Cake pops

Our love for mini desserts keeps on growing, and cake pops in particular will emerge as superstars over the year. 

5. Blue tea

Butterly pea flower bubble tea

Image: Baileys

Move over matcha - 2020 is the year of blue tea. From Pantone's 'Colour of the Year' to finding its way in bubble tea - blue could increase your mood by satisfying your tastebuds, thanks to the rise in popularity in butterfly pea flowers and leaves, or 'blue tea' being used as an ingredient in sweet treats. We caught up with 2016 Bake Off quarter finalist Benjamina Ebuehi, who said:

"Matcha's had its time, it's still very strong, but I think blue is making waves and butterfly pea flower has earthy undertones, not too strong, it's not caffienated, and if you add a little lemon or lime, it turns this lovely violet - it's fun to play with, it's intruiging,[there's] so much to explore with that. I've made churros dipped in white chocolate and Baileys glaze with the butterfly pea flower - I want to try incorporating it into a cheesecake for a lovely pastel blue hue.''

Benjimina Ebuehi

6. Nostalgic flavours

Much-loved childhood flavours such as apple pie and cinnammon or bananas and custard will be reimagined and take on a contemporary spin to bring a new wave of retro-inspired foods that bring back memories of our most comforting flavours. 

7. New future classics

New future classics - Ube ice cream

Image: Baileys

On the flip side, the recent surge in flavour combinations such as sea salt with caramel and chilli with chocolate will see lots more classic flavours marry up with new and unique ingredients - watch out for Himilayan salt, ube (purple yam), truffle, bacon and maple syrup in your pud. 

8. Interactive, hands-on desserts

2020 will pave the way for more interactive, hands-on desserts and treats livening up our dinner tables at home and in restaurants.

9. 'Grown-up' desserts

Grown up desserts

Image: Baileys

Alcohol and the use of more complex flavours are driving an explosion of grown-up treats, such as Baileys Cheesecake - cheers to that!

10. 'Free-from' sugar fixes

Hyper-awareness of we consume and how it affects our bodies and our environment will amplify demand for an increased varity of free-from treats. Watch out for lots of dairy-free deliciousness and gluten-free gourmet goodness from us. We've got 5 delicious vegan desserts using milk alternatives to get you started!


Which treat trend are you most excited about? Let us know! Tweet us @goodhomesmag, post a comment on our Facebook page or share your vegan foodie pics on Instagram, using the hashtag #ThisGoodHome for your chance to win one of our monthly prizes!



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