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A country kitchen doesn't have to be old-fashioned - consider these simple ideas to give a farmhouse-style space a modern twist. 

Everhot 100 Heat Storage Range Victoria Blue

Image: Everhot 

There's plenty to love about country-style kitchens – they're warm, welcoming and comfortable, but that doesn't mean they should be old-fashioned. 

Looking for ways to bring contemporary trends and modern features to your country property? Here's some easy ideas to implement while designing your new kitchen. 

Mix old and new 

Little Green Country Kitchen Flint

Image: Walls painted in Flint, Little Greene 

When you're installing a new kitchen in a rustic period country property, it can feel almost sacrilegious to opt for anything that doesn't honour the age and character of the property. However, take the look too far and it can sometimes look like a pastiche of original features. 

Instead, look at ways to create a contrast between the old and new - whether that's the style of door, or just a subtle nod with more modern handles or styling the space with more contemporary pieces. 

Give traditional elements a modern twist

Clarendon Hartforth Blue Kitchen Second Nature Collection Shaker

Image: Second Nature Collection

Traditional Shaker style cabinetry is a classic element common to country-style kitchens. However, the likes of the Clarendon collection, from Second Nature, has a thinner frame for a sleeker, more contemporary look. This Harforth Blue colour is a perfect combination with the rustic tones of wood and brick in this space. 

Go to the dark side 

Kitchen Makers Somerton Baltic Green Brushed Brass

Image: Kitchen Makers  

The atypical country kitchen is a somewhat tepid shade of cream, but why not add in some design drama with an on-trend, all-dark scheme? This Kitchen Makers Somerton kitchen is still filled with classic elements, but takes on a more edgy style in wall-to-wall Baltic Green. 

Introduce colourful elements 

British Standard Kitchen Aspland Country Panelling

Image: British Standard

Be more confident with your kitchen design by adding in some colour. We love this scheme by British Standard as it's not only a warm and inviting shade of exciting yellow, but it's teamed up with classic butt and bead panelling for a traditional-meets-modern look. 

Not sure where to start with a colourful kitchen? Check out this inspiration

Invest in smart technology 

Quooker Classic Hot Tap

Image: Quooker 

Don't assume that just because something is more technologically advanced, it won't fit into a more classically styled kitchen. Many modern appliances are designed to blend into their surroundings, while many heritage brands have upped their games with smart new technology included in appliances. 

If you've always wanted to have a boiling water tap in your kitchen, styles such as Quooker's classic range have more ornate, period-inspired detailing that makes them a perfect fit for a country kitchen. 


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