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The characteristics of your astrological sign could influence how you decorate your space. We're hoping the stars align...

Carpetright Opener

Image: Carpetright

Nailing your interior style can sometimes be tricky – with trends constantly coming and going it can be difficult to whittle down what best suits you and your home. Sofa and carpet specialist ScS has teamed up with New York astrologist Lisa Stardust to come up with the best interior styles to trial according to your star sign.


Primark Aries

Image: Primark

  • Aries love to be surrounded with bright colours because it boosts their passionate side so make sure to incorporate lots of colour.
  • Being that they are the 'firstborn' of the zodiac, they often have a competitive side – so being at the forefront of the newest trends is definitely a characteristic.
  • Aries are naturally creative so including lots of DIY projects in their interiors is a must.


Taurus Starsigns

Image: vintageindustrialstyle.com

  • Lovers of the finer things in life, Tauruses demand high quality interiors including paint, wallcoverings, flooring and luxurious accessories.
  • Tauruses are the most artistic and sensual of the zodiac – so all senses will be satisifed with their interior scheme. 
  • In terms of the bedroom, styling notes will include satin sheets, faux-fur throws and luxury pillows.


 Artwow Gemini

Image: Art Wow 

  • Geminis are the vibrant essence of a room therefore they naturally prefer a blank canvas. 
  • Although Geminis prefer to be surrounded by stark white walls, this doesn't mean they have a bland personality – they just prefer a minimalist aesthetic
  • A white shaggy rug, a glass coffee table topped with magazines, and oodles of books on the shelves make the ideal space for a Gemini.


Cult Furniture Cancer

Image: Cult Furniture

  • Astrologist Lisa Stardust suggests a girly, cosy bedroom for those born in mid-June to mid-July. Pink and lilac evokes creativity and calmness, which allows Cancer's to relax.
  • Cancers like to feel cacooned, therefore throws and snuggly items are key.
  • A trait of cancers is that they're overly emotional and sensitive, therefore you're likely to see lots of items in their homes that mean something to them such as personal photos and travel items. 


Audenza Leo

Image: Audenza

  • With the desire to be loved and admired, Leos love to have a home filled with shiny and golden objects. Embellished cocktail trolleys, lamps and footstools are top picks.
  • Regal colours such as royal blue and red serve as great accents for the lion's lair, as they like to be surrounded by hues that represent their bold personality. 
  • Due to their braveness, it's likely for Leos to make statement interior decisions and be bold with their schemes.


Woods Furniture Virgo

Image: Woods Furniture

  • Virgos are never satisifed with their home furnishings and tend to redecorate often. This leaves them needing functional core pieces.
  • A classic brown leather sofa will be the centerpiece of a Virgo's decor.
  • Virgos are ruled by communicator planter Mercury therefore they're likely to love a chalkboard painted wall to leave reminders and notes on.


Ms Libra

Image: M&S

  • Lovers of peace, charm and grace, Libras are known for their romanticism, therefore a soft and girly colour palette will no doubt be popular.
  • Libras like statement pretty pieces so a chandelier centrepiece is a great addition.
  • Their love of entertaining means that a chic sidebar filled with tipples and glassware is a must in a Libra's home.


John Lewis   Scorpio

Image: John Lewis

  • Known as the most strong-willed and intense sign of the zodiac – bold interiors are the way to go for Scorpio.
  • The main room that matters in a Scorpio household is the bedroom. A dark red wall will serve to illuminate their darker sensibilites and also their desire for passion.
  • Because Scorpios are fiercely independant, they're less likely to follow trends and stick to their personal style.


Darlings Of Chelsea Sag 

Image: Darlings of Chelsea

  • Purple is universally known to represent Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius. Dark purples will speak to the archer's thirst for travel and excitement.
  • Maps of foreign countries should be framed on the walls, along with souvenirs from former travels due to their love of exploring.
  • Rich fabrics that remind Saggitariuses of exotic countries are a popular choice. 


Bathroom Takeaway Capricorn 

Image: Bathroom Takeaway

  • Capricorns are known to be conservative, therefore naturally go for more traditional style interiors.
  • Known to be frugal with their money, Capricorns are likely to invest in homeware that's going to last such as a roll top Victorian-style bath.
  • Other popular interior buys for Capricorns would be classic chesterfield sofas, tub chairs and shaker-style kitchens. 


Aqua Scs

Image: ScS 

  • Born under the element of air, Aquarius blends intellectualism, modernism and eccentricity together. 
  • Monochrome white walls and floors, with white bedding speaks to Aquarius's light and airy nature.
  • Aquauriuses love to add splashes of colour from unique paintings and neon art to balance out the basic palette. 


Annie Sloan   Pisces

Image: Annie Sloan 

  • Known as the dreamers of the zodiac and of course associated with the sea, the bathroom is a Pisces' first port of call.
  • A pearly blue tiled bathroom with periwinkle blue towels and bath mat is a look that Pisces would love.
  • Pisces are known to be very spiritual, therefore expect to see lots of mindfulness gestures around the home.


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