If you're a first-time homeowner, these decorating tips might save you a lot of time and hassle.

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If you've just bought your first home, you may feel both excited and apprehensive about decorating it. Avoid any potential disasters with these 7 top tips for beginners.

1. Have a plan

It's vital to plan before getting to work. Avoid unnecessary setbacks by firstly deciding on a budget, and then deciding on themes, colours, furniture and more. This includes measuring for your room's dimensions and any spaces you'd like to fill. Ask family, friends and trusty Google if you're struggling for inspiration.

2. Start off neutral

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"Begin with neutral colours when painting and decorating," suggest the experts at My Job Quote, "as adding too much colour will overwhelm the room." Using colour confidently doesn't always happen straight away, and you have plenty of time to experiment. 

Research from Sell House Fast revealed that the UK's favourite colour is Polished Pebble (grey) but anything from beige to duck egg blue will provide a calm backdrop to which you can add pops of colour on top with accessories and feature items.

3. Highlight the room's features

A great way to save not only money but time planning is to decorate around a room's best features. Maybe the living room's bay window lets in tons of natural light or the space has a beautiful fireplace? Highlight these beautiful parts of the home when decorating. 

4. Buy smart

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Many first-timers walk into a blank canvas of a new home and feel the need to fill it with as many things as possible. Take your time to shop around and find what's best for the room. Include second-hand stores in your search and take time to carefully consider any online purchases that seem too good to be true by reading the reviews. 

5. As your mood changes, change your décor

It's easy to get stuck in a rut with decorating, so you'd be surprised how refreshing moving the sofa or a table to a different place can be, plus it costs nothing! 

6. Mix and match

eclectic living room - 7 decorating tips for first-time homeowners - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com

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A uniform furniture set can be an easy and comparably cheaper way to bring a room to life, but mixing textures and styles is what will help your home feel unique. Think about mixing up shape, fabric and colour, but all the while keeping the overall room cohesive. 

7. If in doubt, seek advice

You may have planned all you can plan, searched all you can search and DIYed as much as you can DIY, but one aspect isn't working out. Sometimes it pays to know when to stop and ask for help. Googling and Youtubing your problems can work, but don't be afraid to ask a professional too! 


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