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Celebrate International Day of Happiness by making sure you're totally content in your home. Check out our styling edit on how to decorate your home for happiness.

Scandi Scheme

Image: Desenio Amara range

Decorating your home in a way that makes you happy is super important as it should be your happy place where you feel safe and relaxed. Now we are spending more time than usual at home, take a look at our top tips on how to style your home for happiness.

Pick uplifting colours

Peach And Teal Scheme 

Image: Ligne Roset

Colour psychology is a popular buzz word in the world of interiors and rightly so. Colour can majorly effect how we feel within our homes so it's important to choose a palette that works for you. Traditionally, uplifting colours include yellow, orange and green but you should be putting more emphasis on what makes you feel good as an individual. 

Declutter and organise

Grey Kitchen  

Image: Wren Kitchens

A decluttered space is vital for feeling relaxed and calm which in turn makes you feel happy. Keep on top of things by cleaning regularly and choosing savvy storage that makes lightwork of tidying up. 

Be mindful

Green Velvet Sofa

Image: Dunelm

Be mindful of the things you surround yourself with. Style your living room with tactile materials and recycled goods that will make you feel good. An uplifting coffee table book or two will not only look chic, but inspire you, too. Lighting candles is also a great way to make you feel happy and calm at home.

Bring the outside in

 Green Office Spacer

Image: Furniture Choice

Make your inside and outside spaces feel seamless and fluid. Surrounding your space with plants and letting in lots of light will make you feel generally happier. This has never been more important as we are being encouraged to spend more time inside.  

Choose things you connect with 

Scandi Scheme

Image: Desenio

Try and avoid following too many trends and focus on what makes you happy. Whether this is artwork that reminds you of happy memories or investing in luxurious soft furnishings that make you smile everytime you see them. This tip will be different for everyone but is definitely one of the most effective.


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