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These easy tips will help you to live more sustainably at home in 2020. 

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There are some small, simple steps you can take to be more sustainable and what better time to start than in the new year?

We spoke to 247 Blinds all about the ways we can live more sustainably. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, take note!

Switch to LED lighting

Myfurniture Ledlight

Image: My Furniture

The winter months can be dark and dreary and it's normal to want to turn all the lights on in your home to make it appear brighter. Using LED lighting or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting means you can easily reduce your carbon footprint. They last far longer than regular bulbs, meaning you won't need to replace them as often.

Control the temperature

Blinds2go Shutters

Image: Blinds2go

Step away from the heating and turn to alternative ways of controlling the temperature in your home. Utilise the natural light outside and harness the temperature by investing in multi-functional window dressings.

Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds, says: 'panelled plantation shutters are a great way to control the lighting and heating in your house without needing to use the heating as much as the wooden material makes a great insulator. Closing shutters during the colder months can help retain heat throughout the day while you’re out of the house, meaning you won’t need the heating on as long during the evening.'

Mindful materials

Modishliving Reclaimed

Image: Modish Living

Nowadays, we shouldn't rely on plastics and MDF to create a sturdy home. Next time you go to pick out a fabric for your home, a new sofa or an appliance for the kitchen, consider more sustainable materials such as natural woods, recycled fabrics and biodegradable pieces.

Watch your water

Onne Beauty

Image: Onne Beauty

Did you know that cutting showering time by just one minute can shave £15 off your energy bills and £15 off your water bills per person each year? Not only will it save you money but it's a much more sustainable way of living. 

Double up your duvet

Made Opener

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Having the heating on overnight not only hurts your bank balance but it's also pretty damaging to your carbon footprint too. Reduce your emissions rate by purchasing a duvet that works for all seasons, like this Slumberdown 3 in 1 duvet.

Ditch the dishwasher

Where possible, hand wash your clothes, ditch the dishwasher and use a drying line or rack instead of turning to the tumble dryer. Handwashing your crockery and clothes can save a significant amount of energy and often proves to be a much quicker process – particularly if you only have a few items to clean.


What changes are you going to make in 2020? Let us know by tweeting us @goodhomesmag or post a comment on our Facebook page.  



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