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Have you opted for a real Christmas tree this year but not quite sure how to best care for it? Read our top tips on how to make it last through the festive season.

Rachael Ashmore Trees

Image: Rachael Ashmore

Choosing a real Christmas tree over an artificial one is a popular decision over the festive period. If you do decide to opt for a real one (which we definitely wouldn't blame you for – the smell as well as the overall look of a real tree is simply gorgeous), knowing how to properly take care of one, especially if you've always had an artifical tree is important.

Read on to discover our top tips on caring for a real Christmas tree.

Pick the perfect tree

Going to pick your own Christmas tree is a wonderful experience. But, rather than getting carried away with the beauty of all the trees, pop your practical hat on and get hunting for the perfect tree.

Make sure the colour of your tree is on point. You want to look out for vibrant, green needles that haven't started to brown. Brown needles are a no-no!

A great way to check the needle retention is to grab the inside of a branch and pull your hand towards you. The needles should stay on the tree and should not drop off.

Trim the trunk 

Limelace Tree Stand 

Image: LimeLace

To maximise the length of time your tree will thrive for, it's important to trim the tree trunk as soon as you get it back to your abode. 

You only need to cut off an inch or two in order to expose the bottom of the trunk. As soon as you've done this, it's a good idea to put it in the tree stand and fill it with water straight away.

Swap out your Christmas lights

Lights4fun Leds

Image: Lights4Fun

A minor detail that you might have overlooked is choosing LED Christmas lights. LEDs do not let out any heat, therefore they are a much safer option and will prolong the life of your tree.

Keep away from radiators

The location of your tree in your home is vital. You might be thinking of the perfect spot, but if it's near a radiator you may want to have a rethink.

If you place your tree next to a heat source it is much more likely to dry out and start to drop quicker. Not to mention, it could increase the chances of your tree causing a fire.

Feed your tree daily

Watering Can Wolfgang Rottman

Image: Wolfgang Rottmann

Watering your real Christmas tree daily is a must. The general rule is that for every inch of tree trunk, your tree will need a litre of water. Making sure the tree stand is full of water everyday will prolong the life of your Christmas tree.


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